With the Intelligent Enterprise, SAP Creates “A Completely Different Kind of Flexibility”

In the rapidly-evolving world of information technology, every tech vendor is eager to paint their products and solutions as “intelligent.” But the reality is that SAP, and more specifically its co-founder Dr. Hasso Plattner, have been leading the intelligent enterprise for quite some time.

In Plattner’s view, the intelligent enterprise is the “logical consequence” of what happens when modern technology meets traditional business processes. But make no mistake, the intelligent enterprise is much more than a re-vamp of traditional ERP, and it’s been a long yet worthwhile journey for SAP, whose significant investment in building out its intelligent enterprise — $50 billion since 2010 — is about to pay dividends on a multitude of levels.

“If you want to be intelligent, we have to react quickly,” Plattner said during his keynote presentation to thousands of customers and partners in attendance at SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP’s annual premier business and technology event this week in Orlando. “We have done a bunch of things to accelerate the development of our systems — and we should be much faster with the deployment of our services.”

For years, Plattner lectured about the virtues of SAP HANA, the company’s game-changing in-memory database whose unmatched speed and efficiency allows 22,000 of its customers to remove redundant aggregation from their IT systems, a root cause of bad performance. With SAP’s intelligent enterprise, Plattner promises unbelievable speed and simplified code and data for all.

“We are out of the woods and we can create apps now in real time,” said Plattner. “We have created a completely different kind of flexibility.”

So how does SAP convince its customers and partners that its brand of intelligent is the way to go? A rock-solid strategy that underscores the importance of five top innovations of the SAP HANA Data Management Suite to include data pipelines, text and search, spatial and graph, data anonymization and persistent memory. Text and search, for example, promises full text search, navigation, and natural language processing for unstructured data. SAP Cloud Platform is used to connect everything and modify applications.

And for the customers that are believers, well, you simply can’t beat glowing endorsements like this: “SAP HANA provides us with a digital core that is capable of processing data quickly and empowers our customers to run their business with speed and agility,” according to Bruce Douglas, senior vice president for energy management firm, Itron Inc.

Plattner admits that bringing the intelligent enterprise to market is not easy and that integration between systems is not always perfect.

“But we will be integrated,” Plattner insists. “SAP has to be as agile as a startup, not just in development but deployment. We need to be creative to exploit the technology and technical possibilities.”

To learn more about the value of the intelligent enterprise, check out this highlight video: