From June 5 to July 5, SAP colleagues all over the world had one common goal to strive for: take as many steps as possible.

“Run for Your Future,” the second global activity challenge on the Fit@SAP Web application, supported five Plant-for-the-Planet academies that educate children to become climate justice ambassadors.

As a statement of their commitment to helping the world run better and improving their lives, 6,533 SAP employees from 65 countries completed 1,387,610,000 steps on a month-long walk — 26 times around the world.

“Sitting is the New Smoking

Moving has a significant positive impact on health and overall well-being. It can foster your motivation and innovative power. But on average we sit for a long time over the course of the day — commuting, sitting a desk, sitting at mealtime. Prolonged sitting over lengthy periods of time can increase the risk of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease. Researches even compare a sedentary lifestyle to the risks of smoking.

As part of the company’s Run Your Way initiative, SAP launched the internal activity challenge platform Fit@SAP in 2017 to help employees maintain a healthy lifestyle by integrating activity and movement throughout their working day.

The Run Your Way program and Fit@SAP aim to combat these negative effects and boost health and well-being by motivating colleagues to move more during a busy work day with the help of SAP Cloud Platform.

Second Global Activity Challenge: “Run for Your Future

Children can be registered for one of the upcoming Plant-for-the-Planet academies here.

SAP works closely together with Plant-for-the-Planet, an organization dedicated to saving the environment by planting trees. Last year, SAP employees collected steps to support the tree planting in Campeche, Mexico.

This year, more than 6,500 colleagues from all over the world have walked nearly 1.39 billion steps and supported five Plant-for-the-Planet academies that train children to become climate justice ambassadors — a fantastic way to invest in our future and to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To help maintain a healthy lifestyle, here are three tips to keep moving throughout the day:

  • Skip the elevator: Use the stairs to increase your daily step count with minimum effort.
  • Walk the talk: Hold meetings standing or while moving around.
  • Add steps to your commute: Simply park further away or get off the bus or train earlier to log a few extra steps on your way to work.

Do you want to get your employees moving? Read “Five Tips To Get Your Employees Moving – Sustainably” by Dr. Natalie Lotzmann, chief medical officer at SAP, responsible for executing on the company’s health strategy globally.

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