A Digital Edge So Hot, It’ll Make You Sizzle

There’s a massive global revolution taking over. We’re fully immersed in a data revolution, and companies failing to drive digitization are falling behind. Ninety percent of the worlds data has been generated in the past two years alone.

In a world purely run by digital transformation, 93 percent of employees feel that a CEO’s shared vision for digital transformation is the right thing for their organizations. Early adopters of this digital economy are winning; those that were late to the party but are coming around are surviving. And those that aren’t keeping up will be put at a disadvantage.

We need technology that can report on today’s news, while instantly predicting tomorrow’s weather

In fact, half of the S&P 500 won’t exist within a decade if they fail to keep up with these new technology trends. The key is to cultivate technology that can collect real-time data and provide it in a way that it becomes actionable intelligence. In other words, we need technology that can report on today’s news, while instantly predicting tomorrow’s weather.

With complete transparency, users can evoke a 360-degree view in real time, visualize insights in context, and align on one single source of truth. Instant, data-driven insights provide answers to immediate questions, analyze root causes, and simulate impact of decisions. Now more than ever, SAP is widening the scope of opportunity for digital transformation. With the next click of your mouse, you’ll see just how impactful technology can be.

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SAP Sports '18: Highlights

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