Solving the Last Mile of Digital Manufacturing

SAP and DAQRI are connecting workforces to real-time tasks and data.

Today’s mix of information, machines, and automation means workers need to act on industrial situations in smarter ways. Modern engineering, manufacturing, and quality tasks demand skill and data where it matters – at the point of work. For workforces to participate in the Industry 4.0 wave, there is a clear must-have: a fully digital connection with teams on the shop floor, in the field or at the design studio.

It’s time to equip your people with hands-free superpowers. Give them x-ray insights into equipment health or the ability to capture what they see for review with remote experts. Train them on the job and guide their capabilities directly, with fewer errors and less rework. Managers can understand and support group performance during live working conditions.

“We believe that the DAQRI and SAP collaboration is a clear step forward for our assembly, maintenance and facilities programmes. To us, this digitalization will allow our workers to collaborate with management and achieve much higher quality service,” said Hendrik Dippe, Plant Maintenance Manager, Volkswagen Slovakia.

Together SAP and DAQRI are integrating a wearable platform to improve worker capabilities in the context of their jobs and business processes. Through a partnership based on the SAP Startup Accelerator, SAP digital manufacturing teams and DAQRI, SAP enterprise systems can be extended to industrial teams with DAQRI devices and software. Your people can see the up-to-the-second state of machine maintenance at a glance. Or, a new employee can follow the steps of a senior operator to reconfigure an asset.

First-person view of work instructions through DAQRI Smart Glasses.
Image via DAQRI. First-person view of work instructions through DAQRI Smart Glasses.

Smarter, Hands-Free View for Industrial Work

Industrial tools must fit workers and their operating environments. DAQRI’s latest generation of Smart Glasses® and Worksense™ software suite are based on years of development of optics, computer vision, and industrial applications. The technology is designed to quite literally disappear except when needed – this is augmented reality designed for workforces.

Put on the smart glasses and the real world is clearly visible. But walk around a bottling machine and you see intelligent tags and visual media attached to help you maintain it. With a truly hands-free experience, you can spot trouble, confirm repairs, or video chat with an expert to help you configure a production run. SAP systems can be updated automatically. No paper, no clipboards, no tedious data entry. Whether you are experienced or a new employee, enterprise information is transformed into live visual cues to help you perform your job. You can even scan what you see into 3D models for retrofit projects. Digital superpowers for sure.

Consider this digital scenario played out more broadly across your sites and global business initiatives. Teams equipped with industrial AR solutions drive new operational data and execution insights. You reuse SAP best practices, and your data stays in sync from sites to headquarters. Especially in regulated industries or processes, managing a digital workflow end-to-end is a productivity gain and a competitive advantage.

At Volkswagen, Hendrik Dippe is focused on impact to mission-critical operations. “We see a direct link from DAQRI AR to uptime of our auto production lines. For us, this is a practical innovation that helps people quickly learn and solve complex problems together.”

A worker views asset data before completing a maintenance procedure.
Image via DAQRI. A worker views asset data before completing a maintenance procedure.

Wearable Tools Integrated with Your Teams and Platforms

A professional-grade AR approach allows you to roll out enterprise capabilities in stages, from evaluation to sitewide adoption. And unlike the aim of consumer devices and apps, the focus must be on business processes — make them simpler, more reliable. The assembly line, build site, or training center are much different places than homes or offices. Devices and software from DAQRI and SAP are built for these locations.

Smart glasses connect to SAP execution systems, the heartbeat of your intelligent enterprise. Work orders, reference materials or even IoT sensor data flow to workers’ field-of-view rendered in helpful formats including icons, data widgets or just simple PDF snippets. Advanced tracking algorithms ensure the right information is located spatially at the right place. These capabilities are now increasingly standardized, letting you visualize SAP EAM, SAP HANA, SAP Leonardo, and other data sources. Cloud management of devices is powered by Amazon AWS®.

For industrial environments that require on-premise implementations, AR capabilities can also be privately deployed to a specific site or worker population. Based on experiences with over 100 enterprise customers, DAQRI delivers pre-built infrastructure options. You’ll take advantage of patterns tested in the field by diverse, global workforces. And of course, DAQRI and SAP expertise is available to help you reach your digitalization goals.

New Digital Capabilities, Familiar Enterprise Value

An intelligent enterprise brings automation and human activity together. Asset and facilities-intensive industries like auto, aerospace, pharma, manufacturing, and construction are adopting our augmented reality solutions to drive uptime, save costs and increase quality. SAP and DAQRI are now standardizing the path to achieve these benefits and ROI.

  • The right information and skills at the point of work: Industrial teams must collectively understand, decide and act in busy, mechanized locations. Our AR techniques help people resolve mission-critical issues such as uptime, at the source.
  • Asset management without gaps: Change records are not easy to sync with workers and operators. SAP and DAQRI help you drive accurate, round-trip data to field equipment, facility infrastructure or customer sites.
  • End-to-end digital product life cycles: From 3D design of a new engineered product, through installations and “digital twin” operations, our AR platform drives time and cost efficiency at all stages of product delivery.
  • New customer service offerings: Standardized devices and software are ready for your co-branding. You can rapidly launch and market AR-enabled business services for engineering, compliance, support and more.

SAP and DAQRI, Committed to the Intelligent Enterprise

With a vision to scale innovation for its global customers, SAP is pleased to advance AR solutions with DAQRI through the SAP Startup Accelerator program. The companies intend to empower workforces with effective use of data, digital technologies and integration.

Together we are offering AR solutions to serve engineering, manufacturing and supply chain processes. In particular, SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) products represent both a key software platform and vision ahead.

“Digital enabled workers connected in realtime with manufacturing- and asset processes is fundamental to our Digital Manufacturing strategy. Our partnership with DAQRI allows our customers to extend SAP intelligence directly to their workers line-of-sight – a truly exciting step forward for Industry 4.0,” said Claudius Link, global head of LoB Digital Manufacturing, SAP SE.

Our approach is further shaped by industry experts, partners and feedback gained at events like Hannover Messe and SAPPHIRE NOW. Customer support for solutions is a global effort, including centers in California and the SAP Data Space in Berlin.

“Industrial enterprises want their workforces to contribute and perform in a digital world. We believe extending SAP business processes with DAQRI’s wearable AR platform helps people quickly understand their environment to deliver better results,” said Chris Kaufield, chief revenue officer, DAQRI.

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Top image via DAQRI; two workers view asset data from an industrial chiller system.