How SAP and NVIDIA are Powering the Intelligent Enterprise with Machine Learning

What can machine learning do to solve business problems? Eric Kavanagh, CEO of The Bloor Group, sat down with Markus Noga, vice president of Machine Learning at SAP, and Jim McHugh, vice president and general manager at NVIDIA, to discuss.

“The Intelligent Enterprise can observe what human participants do, learn from them, and then repeat and automate all of the repetitive transactional activities and nature,” Noga explained while discussing the latest machine learning business trends at SAPPHIRE NOW in June.

“AI doesn’t know boring, it’s just processing data. The mechanics of machine learning is a perfect match to solving these business problems,” McHugh said. “There is tremendous potential at enterprise scale.  A lot of people hear machine learning and think of complex situations like cracking the genome. In reality one of the best use cases is tackling all of these tedious, time-consuming, boring processes, and enabling people to do interesting things and focus on tough challenges that businesses face every day.”

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are defining a future of more intelligent business automation, from research and design to production, fulfillment and the customer experience. SAP and NVIDIA are collaborating to introduce the next wave of innovation.