Move HR to the Cloud with Upgrade2Success

Are you an SAP HCM on-premise customer considering your move to the cloud? Then Upgrade2Success is the program for you – here’s how to get involved.

Special Remit for Special Group of Customers

At SAP SuccessFactors, we are increasingly aware that our valued on-premise SAP customers are reaching a crossroads and considering options when it comes to what direction to take and how to move to the cloud most effectively across the next few years. We understand that this can be tricky and a complex decision-making process.

We want to help and support customers by drawing together the most effective best practices, highly skilled experts, practical tools, templates, and specially tailored resources as customers plan for, decide on, and ultimately make the journey to the cloud. This is exactly why the Upgrade2Success initiative was launched in January this year. We’re making migration easier.

How to Get Involved in Upgrade2Success and Reap the Benefits

For some instant information and to find out more about the program and resources available, visit the Upgrade2Success resource center, which features an info sheet, real-life customer stories, videos, and white papers for support, as well as much more.

However, what I’d really like to draw your attention to today is our roadshow of Upgrade2Success summits, taking place across the globe, where we bring the resources and expertise we’ve collated in person to a city near you.

Upgrade2Success Roadshow of Summits

We are proud and honored to be co-hosting a special series of 39 complimentary Upgrade2Success summits this year, sponsored by five of our trusted partner organizations: ADP, Deloitte, IBM, NGA Human Resources, and /N SPRO.

In order to to answer the most pressing questions and address the topics around digital transformation which are most important, each summit is one full day long, with an agenda and content created by SAP specialists based on research and feedback conducted directly with on-premise SAP customers. Each of our partners also shares some of their own specific knowledge and expertise on the day — for example, the NGA Human Resources and ADP summits will have a special emphasis on payroll.

We have held summits in 11 cities so far this year, including Johannesburg, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Boston, U.S.; Melbourne, Australia; Cleveland, U.S.; New York, U.S.; Toronto, Canada; Shenzhen, China; London, UK; Houston, U.S.; and Beijing, China

We have an average of 20 customer companies attending and a customer satisfaction feedback score of 4+/5. But you don’t need to take my word for it; here are some of the comments made by attendees:

  • “New technology, lessons learnt, things to think about… all brilliant.” – Utilities
  • “Great opportunity to connect with other customers at different stages of their journey and lots of really useful info.” – Financial Services
  • “Filled in some serious knowledge gaps for us and was a good balance between practical and theoretical info.” – Insurance
  • “Very reassuring and useful… We are not alone and we are not unique in our challenges! Thank you!” – Public Sector

Many of these summits have included live tweeting; you can get further insights via the hashtag #Upgrade2Success.

What’s Coming Up for the Roadshow

If you haven’t joined us yet, do not fear — we have 28 more summits scheduled between now and the end of November. Visit the Upgrade2Success event website for further information or to apply to register for one of the following:


City Status Date Region Sponsoring Partner
Dallas Open August 30 Americas IBM
Brussels Open September 13 EMEA NGA
Rosemont Open September 25 Americas IBM
Madrid Open September 25 EMEA IBM
Dusseldorf Open September 25 EMEA NGA
Vancouver Open September 27 Americas IBM
Lisbon Open September 27 EMEA ADP
London Open October 3 EMEA Deloitte
Philadelphia Open October 4 Americas IBM
Munich Open October 9 EMEA ADP
Frankfurt Open October 11 EMEA IBM
New York Open October 11 Americas IBM
Vienna Open October 16 EMEA ADP
Paris (in French) Open October 17 EMEA Deloitte
Prague Open October 18 EMEA ADP
San Francisco Open October 18 Americas Deloitte
Charlotte Open October 18 Americas IBM
Seattle Save the date October 23 Americas /N SPRO
Toronto Open October 25 Americas Deloitte
Atlanta Open October 25 Americas IBM
Montreal Save the date November 6 Americas NGA HR
Istanbul Save the date November 13 EMEA ADP
Barcelona Save the date November 15 EMEA ADP
Mexico City Save the date November 15 Americas IBM
Amsterdam Open November 22 EMEA NGA HR
Milan Save the date November 28 EMEA NGA HR
Tampa TBC TBC Americas NGA HR

Upgrade2Success at SuccessConnect

We ran a specially adapted version of the Upgrade2Success summit as a prequel to SuccessConnect Berlin, where we welcomed more than 60 attendees for a great day of networking, knowledge sharing, live customer case studies, and sign-posting for the rest of the conference, highlighting the most relevant sessions for on-premise SAP customers. I am delighted to announce we are doing the same for SuccessConnect Las Vegas and running a prequel summit on September 11 from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the conference venue in the ARIA. This prequel summit will be open only to SuccessConnect registrants.

To find out more, or to secure your invitation, please discuss with your SAP SuccessFactors account executive, or contact me at This summit is complimentary for SuccessConnect registrants and will be filled on a first-come, first served basis – so do not delay as these typically go over capacity.

Top Five Tips for Making the Most Out of an Upgrade2Success Summit

  • Ensure the right person attends: These summits are aimed at heads of HRIS and business leaders in HR and IT. We would recommend bringing somebody from both the HR and the IT teams on the day for a balanced view.
  • Avoid bringing the whole team: We suggest a maximum of three individuals from each organization to ensure the right folks attend and to maintain the balance in the room on the day and to maximize networking opportunities.
  • Share and challenge: The more interactive these sessions are, the better. Come prepared with your key questions, and please do push and challenge us and the experts on the day to ensure you get maximum value.
  • Network: Make the most of the opportunity to connect with your peers as well as experts from SAP and the sponsoring partner. There tends to be a great range of experience and expertise in the room and folks who are at different points in their journey to the cloud.
  • Follow up: We hope that you have an excellent day with us when you join one of our summits, but we want to ensure they are meaningful for you and your organization moving forward. As such, it should mark the start of a conversation when you leave on the day, not the end. Take us and the partners up on offers of further help and bespoke next steps.

We look forward to welcoming you and getting you started on your own successful HCM cloud journey. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or if we can be of further assistance. We look forward to welcoming you to an Upgrade2Success summit in a city near you very soon, or contact us via email at or on Twitter with the hashtag #Upgrade2Success