How to Explore New Ecosystem Opportunities on

It’s easier than ever to discover SAP’s robust partner ecosystem, the organizations and individuals working on the same platform toward common goals. You can be a part of these goals — or get help with your own goals — within a few clicks on

“We have never before shown what the ecosystem offerings are — the apps and the APIs — in association to the products,” Robert Rabe, head of Customer Experience for SAP Digital, said in a video at SAPPHIRE NOW (see below). “After your purchase, you’re not going to be stuck with just the functionality you get out of the box — you can extend it at any time in the future.”

Part of a renewed emphasis on the customer experience (CX), also features transparent pricing, as well as the ability to research, purchase and begin using SAP software in less than 30 minutes. All of these changes showcase the importance of partners in digital transformation.

No Enterprise Is an Island

“Partnership is the key … no company can do these kinds of things themselves,” Greg Carter, senior vice president of IoT for the Atrius Platform at Acuity Brands, said during a SAPPHIRE NOW session. “You’ve got to bring the best talents of — sometimes not just two partners — but multiple partners.”

Acuity’s vision includes a proven solution backed up by solid use cases, according to Carter. The Atlanta-based lighting manufacturing company relies on customers to offer new feedback with every deployment.

“In the end, it’s going to be companies like SAP partners — who are the application developers on top of these two platforms — that will consume that data and produce it in a way that’s going to be the most valuable to the end customer,” Carter said. simplifies processes for these developers, as well as for partners and other users.

Answering the Call for Simplicity

“ is now the one place where customers discover, try, buy, and use SAP and partner offerings in one centralized location,” SAP Chief Digital Officer Bertram Schulte stated when the function went live. “We’ve removed barriers to purchasing, simplifying how our customers access and buy our offerings and our partner offerings … with purchases only requiring a couple of mouse clicks.”

Almost two thirds (64 percent) of B2B buyers conduct half — or more — of their product research online, according to U.S. market researcher Forrester. And customers are demanding simpler, easier and seamless omnichannel processes, according to Schulte.

“Anything short of a few clicks obstructs the buying experience, creating frustration and confusion,” Shulte stated. “A top priority has to be a successful no- and low-touch experience.”

Of course, it helps that ecosystem partnerships are already bearing fruit.

Bringing Solutions Together

“We’re delighted to be working closely with SAP to be delivering innovative solutions together, bringing together the [SAP] Digital Boardroom with Cisco Webex Board,” Kevin Chatow, director of Product Management at Cisco Systems, said during a SAPPHIRE NOW session.

Like SAP, Cisco is building its own ecosystem, according to Chatow. And SAP was the first business application outside of Cisco to run on the San Jose-based multinational technology conglomerate’s all-in-one team collaboration device.

“We not only deliver these great meeting products and technologies, but we want to bring the content front and center to all of the participants — so they can collaborate on it right then and there,” Chatow said. “So when I first saw the SAP Digital Boardroom, it seemed obvious that we should bring these solutions together.”

Stop Wishing, Start Using

“IT teams are moving away from developing software as a single, unified, monolithic product,” StateScoop noted last week. “CIOs want to put flexible, state-of-the-art technologies in users’ hands quickly.”

That kind of agility is what makes a digital ecosystem — and’s new digital commerce capabilities — so valuable.

“It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s reliable as well … we have all of the authentications in place that you’re used to from SAP,” SAP’s Rabe said. “You can go from the wish to have a product to using the product in less than 30 minutes — right on”


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