Discover, Try, and Buy Packaged Services and Partner Apps for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions with Ease – Digitally, Online

It’s an exciting time, as we head into SuccessConnect in Las Vegas – gearing up to engage on the latest trends in HR and all the new and exciting updates SAP SuccessFactors has in store for the event.

At SAP, we continue to expand our portfolio of digitally transactable offerings, making it easier than ever for our customers to discover, try and buy SAP software, services and partner apps online – in just a few simple clicks.

Since 2017, we have been digitally selling seven packaged services that extend SAP SuccessFactors solutions. These services are fixed in scope, low-priced, performed 100 percent remotely and are available post-implementation – helping to expand the portfolio beyond software, content and data. By selling online, we’re making it easier than ever to purchase these services online at SAP Store. Customers simply click to purchase and then confirm an order, and immediately receive email confirmation – within a few days, the order will be fulfilled and the customer will be contacted to start the work.

Here’s a peek at what types of services customers can find online to expand and extend SAP SuccessFactors solutions:

  • SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Optimization
    • Extra Data Refresh: Sometimes you need an extra data refresh during a critical period and you don’t want to wait until the next monthly data refresh has been completed. With the click of a button you can now request an extra data refresh that is completed within four days after ordering it.
    • Custom Measure: Extending your reporting with custom measures enhances insights and measures the evolving strategy.
    • Custom Analysis Dimension: Adding custom analytics dimensions allow you to filter the data any way you need. The custom analytics dimension is incorporated in the Investigate tool and allows you to use new filters with your existing analysis and hierarchy options.
    • Custom Structural Dimension: Adding custom structural dimensions allow you to structure the data with different hierarchies. The custom structural dimension is incorporated in the Investigate tool and allows you to use new hierarchies with your existing measures and analysis options.
  • SAP SuccessFactors Integration Optimization
    • Learning Connector for Skillsoft: Enjoy seamless access to your Skillsoft e-learning course libraries from within the SuccessFactors Learning Management System without the need for manual configuration and maintenance.
    • Integration at Your Fingertips: The Integration Center provides an intuitive UI with commonly used filters, field formats, transformations, mappings and file types, so you can design and manage basic integration scenarios.
    • Recruiting Marketing Career Site Builder: With this quick, highly productized service establish branded career landing pages to attract and engage the best candidates, so you can target specific categories of candidates in their native language, allow them to familiarize themselves with your company and inspire them to apply.

Visit the SAP Store for additional details on these packaged services.

Partner Innovations Available at Your Fingertips at SAP App Center

Existing SAP SuccessFactors customers can also find a range of partner apps on the SAP App Center to complement and extend their SAP solutions based on their needs. Customers can discover, try and buy 50 partner extensions for SAP SuccessFactors solutions today on the SAP App Center — more than 160 total can be discovered there.

For example, Ingentis org.manager is available on SAP App Center. Its purpose is to bring company org charts closer to employees by adding them to their everyday working environment. The idea is to give every employee easy access to the organizational information contained in a company’s HR system.

For companies looking to drive employee engagement, they can turn to the JobPts app by Semos Cloud, which inspires achievement with peer-to-peer recognition and rewards to help attract, motivate and retain employees on a global scale. JobPts was recently purchased by customer Sun Communities, a real estate investment trust that owns and operates over 350 manufactured housing communities and RV resorts across the U.S. and Canada. With headcount growing exponentially over the last five years, the company needed to automate processes to meet the needs of their growing workforce. Within 90 days after purchase, Sun Communities rolled out their customized rewards and recognition program to the rest of the company. The new solution received very positive feedback from employees and increased employee engagement 175%.

Customers can also gain access to incredible recruitment tools from our partners, such as EnterpriseAlumni, which enables integration of corporate alumni into the HR landscape. This helps to expand the talent supply, driving recruitment, business development and corporate evangelism. From recruitment and engaging, to hiring and training, there are partner apps available for all HR functions and needs to help extend the value of working with SAP Successfactors. For more details on this app, read this blog titled Disrupting Employee and Customer Relations by Building Trust.

Simplifying the Digital Buying Experience

Whether it’s accessing SAP SuccessFactors packaged services or purchasing partner applications to extend solutions, our aim is to simplify the way that customers engage with SAP online. Traditional sales processes can take hours before a purchase is finalized, and sometimes weeks before the software is delivered to the customer for use. To streamline this and cut down on time from discovery to use, the no-touch selling model – which can be used when purchasing SAP SuccessFactors packaged services and many other SAP and partner solutions – lets our customers buy offerings directly and immediately online. This provides a self-service, no-touch option for our customers with a process that can take as little as 15 minutes. It also helps connect customers faster and more easily with the partner apps and solutions via SAP App Center that will best complement and extend all SAP offerings.

SAP has long been focused on being a customer-first organization that simplifies the buying experience, increases value to the customer, promotes transparency along the buyer journey, and provides the best service for every individual, at scale. As we continue on our own digital transformation journey, we will keep innovating and refining the digital buying experience for our customers. We are dedicated to expanding our digital offerings, working closely with our internal lines of business and partners, who serve as an integrated extension of SAP, to bring customers what they want, when they want it.

Bertram Schulte is chief digital officer at SAP. @bertramschulte | LinkedIn