Explore the #TechUnknown Video Series at SAP TechEd Las Vegas

Are you up-to-date on the latest technologies disrupting the business world — technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud platform, blockchain, and Big Data — and how they are turning companies into intelligent enterprises?

Do you know who is using what and how it is helping them survive in their digital transformation quest?

Businesses that don’t adapt to this new digital reality risk being left behind.

To help make sense of it all, we’re sending tech pathfinders around the globe to uncover the latest, sometimes lesser known or yet untold, innovations that help the world run better and improve people’s lives.

You’ll discover how SAP is providing these technologies in a portfolio that helps companies become an intelligent enterprise. And our first stop is SAP TechEd Las Vegas, taking place October 2-5.


Join Jim Harris, Dion Hinchcliffe, and Eric Kavanagh as they learn how SAP technologies and the cloud are at the core of innovation of an intelligent enterprise. They’ll make sense of the latest technologies by interviewing product experts, SAP partners, and customers who are already putting it to work for their organizations.

Learn about SAP Leonardo and how it allows customers to take advantage of emerging technologies like machine learning, advanced analytics, and blockchain on top of their business data. And learn how SAP Cloud Platform is the foundation for SAP Leonardo, helping customers accelerate their digital transformation by rapidly deploying next-gen applications.

But what about all that data collected? Businesses are increasingly embracing data management in the cloud to make sense and gain insights from the vast amounts of data now available. Learn how SAP HANA continues to transform the data management industry with new innovations to simplify the IT landscape, gain more value from data, and increase the ROI on investments.

Hear how data pipelines — the new innovative technique to deliver intelligent, trusted data for today’s digital economy — are revolutionizing the data delivery. See how this all comes together to manage distributed data using SAP Data Hub.

Experience the power of SAP Cloud Platform and all its different capabilities, whether that is integration, IoT, mobile SDKs, or event messaging for real-time decisions and actions. Hear how it is helping companies like yours solve the world’s problems.

Not sure how to start on the path to becoming an intelligent enterprise? Follow the hashtag #TechUnknown and watch the videos.

Ursula Ringham is head of Global Influencer Marketing at SAP.