SAP Adds 12 Brandon Hall Awards for a Total of 47

Have you ever had that feeling that you are working on something truly profound and unique, that the team you are working with is going to make a difference for a lot of people in this world?

That’s the feeling I have about SAP practically every day and especially recently with the announcement that once again SAP is bringing home a large collection of Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards.

The Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards program — often called the “Academy Awards” by learning, talent, and business professionals — is among the most prestigious awards programs in the talent development industry. It’s what talent, leadership, and learning leaders like me dream of winning. And SAP is bringing home 12 of them.

Learning Awards

1. Best Use of Social/Collaborative Learning | Social Collaborative Learning Program (Gold)

The Social Collaborative Learning Program was developed in response to the need for the Presales organization to align and enable itself with real-world, practical insights and guidance so they can be more effective in their role and further the Global Presales strategy to make “every customer touchpoint an amazing experience.” The peer exchange of knowledge, best practices, and relevant customer information enables Presales to engage with customers and prospects in an insightful, innovative, and memorable way, leading to incrementally improved productivity, revenue generation, and pipeline creation.

2. Best Results of a Learning Program | Presales Best Run Demonstrations (Silver)

Best Run Demonstrations enables Presales specialists to win over customers when demonstrating SAP software. Its highly interactive course teaches the fundamental skills for captivating an audience and delivering inspiring demonstrations leveraging content, exercises, and coaching for presentation skills, selling skills, and demonstration skills, and focuses on the development of a real-world demonstration scenario. This program supports the Presales strategy to make “every customer touchpoint an amazing experience,” resulting in increased revenue, increased pipeline, and increased wins.

3. Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program | SAP Presales Learn to Win (Silver)

The Presales Learning team at SAP established the “Learn to Win” program in 2016, bringing together an organization of more than 2,500 Presales employees and 500 subject matter experts to deliver ongoing learning opportunities that established a strong learning culture, resulting in increased employee engagement and productivity. Within the first year, this program changed the Presales culture from one that made little time for learning to one that values continuous learning and development as a critical pillar that supports the Presales strategy to make ” every customer touchpoint an amazing experience.”

4. Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program | SPARK: Ignite Your Leadership Journey (Bronze)

No matter what your goals or where you are on your career journey, personal leadership is required of every employee at SAP and this begins with how you plan and manage you own career path. “SPARK – Ignite Your Personal Leadership Journey” is designed to enable employees to create a plan that supports their current and future professional success. Course activities are designed to help identify unique strengths, clarify what’s most important to participants, and create a personal development plan for achieving goals. SPARK features short videos of SAP leaders who share their own stories, supported by a variety of structured self-paced activities.

5. Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation | Value University Tracker: Learning in the Digital Age (Bronze)

“Value University Tracker” is an easy-to-use, automated analytics tool that, in addition to serving as the single “source of truth” for all meaningful impact analytics, enables a range of vital learning activities, including:

  • For employees: Easy access to relevant and impactful programs designed to meet their learning and development needs as well as SAP’s strategic objectives.
  • For program creators: Easily assess and refine their programs to meet the changing needs of the business; identify emerging needs of both the business and industry, allowing them to create relevant, impactful training that enables SAP to capitalize on emerging technologies.
  • For managers: Access all programs, learning, and testing activities that are relevant to their direct reports.
  • For executive/learning leaders: Make informed decisions about training recommendations and needs for employees at the region and market unit level.

Talent Management Awards

6. Best Advance in Performance Management | SAP Academy for Early Talent (Silver)

The SAP Academy for early talent is a global sales training program that was launched four years ago with the goal of creating SAP’s next-generation digital salesforce. The academy training program takes early talent with little to no work experience and develops them to be part of a global enterprise sales organization in a dynamic marketplace. With a nine- and 12-month timeline for Sales and Presales associates to move into customer facing roles, respectively, we knew we had to deliver a closely integrated development and onboarding experience to accelerate their field-readiness.

Sales Performance Awards

7. Best Unique or Innovative Sales Training Program | Learning2GO: Sales Enablement in the Digital Age (Gold)

In today’s fast-paced business world, sales reps want to learn mobile, when they need it, in small bites and with short and relevant content, which is all provided by our innovative end-to-end digital and virtual learning and enablement called Learning2Go, based on virtual live courses, micro-learning, massive open online courses (MOOCs), videos, and online simulations.

8. Best Use of Learning and Talent Technologies | Big Data-Driven Coaching and Personalized Learning (Gold)

Our Big Data-driven approach to sales enablement and performance support is comprised of the following components:

  • Data-driven coaching allows our coaches (certified, internal employees from a range of backgrounds) to go beyond the sole use of intuition in coaching sessions with participating AEs and to focus instead on the most relevant facts and figures specific to a given AE’s performance in the field.
  • Personalized learning recommendations are made to AEs following their completion of a skill self-assessment. The assessments cover a range of KPI areas critical to sales success such as forecasting ability, pipeline management, and negotiating skills, to name a few. Sales managers also complete a skill assessment for the AEs on their team. By comparing the results, we’re able to identify areas of differentiation, or “gaps” between manager and sales executive skill rating. We can then address those gaps using targeted, personal learning recommendations sent via email.

9. Best Program for Sales Training and Performance | neGOtiate&WIN program (Silver)

neGOtiate&WIN is a blended learning program, with virtual and face-to-face learning, designed to provide insights and practices on how best to use a simple and universal negotiation strategy across SAP. Sales reps gain insights into a clearly defined and efficient negotiation process to become proficient in highly effective negotiation tools while gaining new confidence for negotiating with customers. The program’s KPIs are tied directly to the company’s 2020 strategic goals.

10. Best Sales Onboarding Program | SAP Academy for Early Talent (Silver)

11. Best Unique or Innovative Sales Training Program | Everyone’s a Teacher (Silver)

“Everyone’s a Teacher” is a global program designed to leverage, scale, and share the unique knowledge, competencies, and skills of our employees for the benefit of all and to help drive the organization’s learning culture and support business growth. By engaging our own internal expertise, the program has helped us build a highly effective faculty of subject matter experts across all board areas — e.g. Sales and Presales, Development, Finance, Human Resources, etc. — which has consistently delivered world-class internal enablement while also reducing third-party costs and increasing profitability.

12. Best Unique or Innovative Sales Training Program | SAP Academy for Commercial Sales (Silver)

SAP Academy for commercial sales is a global sales training program designed specifically to create the next-generation of commercial sales professionals who are strategically integrated into sales teams and trained in the most current skills, techniques, and methodologies. The program’s main focus is on finding digital channels to engage customers — e.g., using a virtual studio to manage a sales cycle partly remotely and with the use of cutting social selling techniques.

The early talent program represents the first time at SAP where the organization has focused on training and integrating early talent into the field and with a relentless focus on creating exceptional customer experiences. The academy employs a multi-dimensional, experiential learning program to harness the collective intelligence of early talent.

The power and disruptive creativity of commercial sales executives enable us to boldly execute on corporate strategy, demonstrate breakthrough thinking with a passion for innovation, and illustrate a commitment to optimizing results — internally and externally — for customers through simple, but transformative ways.

I am not at all surprised by our amazing accomplishment. I see what we are doing here at SAP to provide employees with a fulfilling career and game-changing learning and development opportunities. I’m always telling people that SAP is the place to be if you want to progress yourself personally and professionally, be at the top of your game, and also give yourself an advantage when the Fourth Industrial Revolution changes the nature of work as we know it.

Thank you Brandon Hall Group for recognizing our efforts, and — most of all — thank you to my SAP colleagues for driving the kinds of exceptional learning and development programs that will empower SAP employees to help the world run better.

Jenny Dearborn is chief learning officer at SAP.