In Honolulu, #sheinnovates Makes Innovation Work for Women and Girls

Today, the SAP Next-Gen program and Hawai‘i Pacific University are hosting a special event for creative innovators in Honolulu, Hawaii.

#sheinnovates meetups bring CEOs and influencers together to inspire young women and girls to claim their seats at the innovation table, powered by SAP Next-Gen in support of UN Women.

Congresswoman Hanabusa Empowers Women and Girls to Lead

Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa is the U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s First Congressional District and is joining the #sheinnovates meetup in Honolulu.

“Women work every bit as hard as men, yet we are not compensated or celebrated for our contributions the way society embraces male accomplishment,” says Hanabusa. “For Hawaii to realize its greatest potential we must ensure that women have real opportunities to become leaders in all industries. Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) education is a critical part of creating a gender intelligent, prosperous future.”

Hawai‘i Pacific University Commits to Next-Generation Female Leaders

To accelerate the impact of the #sheinnovates movement in Hawaii, SAP Next-Gen is partnering with Hawai‘i Pacific University (HPU), a leading university located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“HPU’s commitment to diversity is evident in its multicultural student body, representing over 70 countries, and its dedication to enrolling underserved Hawaiian students,” said Brooke Caroll, associate vice president and chief development office at Hawai’i Pacific University. “Fifty-eight percent of HPU’s students are women and the university is proud to support this effort to increase female participation in technology industries.”

Innovative Solutions for Gender Equality

Guided by the principle of leaving no one behind, the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call for transformative shifts, integrated approaches, and innovative solutions to overcome the structural barriers to sustainable development. This also applies to the barriers to gender equality and women’s empowerment. Innovative solutions are crucial to accelerating industry-wide change and removing the barriers to women and girls’ advancement in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Individual efforts alone will not achieve the transformative and industry-wide change needed; the barriers must be addressed in an integrated manner.

In September of 2017, UN Women, together with SAP Next-Gen launched the Global Innovation Coalition for Change (GICC) with 25 leading private sector, academic, and not-for-profit institutions committed to making innovation work for women and girls to accelerate the achievement of gender equality and the 2030 agenda for the SDGs. The #sheinnovates program, founded by UN Women and led by Ann Rosenberg, senior vice president and global head of SAP Next-Gen, supports the mission of the GICC and builds the community on behalf of the movement.

“By fostering a movement today to empower young women as purpose-driven leaders for the future, SAP Next-Gen is supporting SAP’s commitment to the UN SDGs, including Goal #5: Gender Equality,” said Rosenberg. “SAP Next-Gen invites companies, academia, purpose-driven partners, tech community leaders, institutions, students, and citizens to join us to advance gender equality and inspire young women as purpose-driven innovators.”

The GICC is committed to three areas of action: to build market awareness of the potential for innovations developed by women that meet the needs of women and girls; to identify the key barriers to women and girl’s advancement in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship; and to work collaboratively to identify and take actions to address these barriers and needs at an industry-wide level.

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