SAP Next-Gen in Vietnam: Inspiring Rising Tech Entrepreneurs

Collaborating with universities, accelerators, and tech community partners, the SAP Next-Gen program ramps up the innovation 3.0 community in Vietnam to foster the next generation of purpose-driven innovators.

SAP CEO Bill McDermott speaks at Hanoi University of Science and Technology
SAP CEO Bill McDermott speaks at Hanoi University of Science and Technology

As part of a series of meetings with next-generation leaders in Asia, including in Vietnam, SAP CEO Bill McDermott is advocating that young people step up and join SAP in using tech for good.

On September 21, more than 500 students at Hanoi University of Science and Technology heard a clear and inspiring message from McDermott: “Success is a choice. You can decide to be part of a global movement of next-generation innovators who are working toward a more sustainable, just, and gender-equal society, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Don’t be afraid to dream big and follow your passion for purpose. Every one of you can change the world.”

McDermott’s visit to Vietnam is part of the company’s focus on one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. The Yale School of Management has highlighted how Vietnam is hoping its nascent tech ecosystem can compete on a global stage, and how it has started to gain the attention of international investment.

SAP CEO Bill McDermott and students at Hanoi University of Science and Technology
SAP CEO Bill McDermott and students at Hanoi University of Science and Technology


As Vietnam opens up internationally, SAP Next-Gen accelerates its engagement in the country, to both support academia in educating SAP skilled graduates as well as to establish an innovative, purposeful network connecting Vietnam’s academic thought leaders and researchers, students, startups, accelerators, and tech community leaders to the global SAP Next-Gen network.

“We are helping the next generation in Vietnam to reimagine the future of their country as a regional leader in innovation with purpose,” said Ann Rosenberg, senior vice president and global head of SAP Next-Gen. “Enabled by the latest SAP technologies as well as new innovation mindsets such as innovation 3.0, science fiction thinking, and purpose thinking, we are fostering skills for digital futures among Vietnam’s next generation of purpose-driven innovators.”

Universities Step Up as Leaders with SAP Next-Gen in Vietnam

SAP Next-Gen has a dual focus in Vietnam: enabling a vibrant network in the country connected to the global SAP Next-Gen network, as well as fostering STEM skills and careers among young people, including young women and girls through #sheinnovates with UN Women and with the Girls’ Lounge program in partnership with The Female Quotient.

To accelerate these goals, SAP Next-Gen made several strategic partnership announcements last week, and engaged new audiences in Vietnam with new experiences for a new perception of SAP as an innovtive, purposeful partner committed to fostering rising social entrepreneurs and tech founders.

On September 19, SAP Next-Gen hosted a meetup at eSpace Vietnam, where the spotlight was on the rising interest on social innovation in the country, while on September 20, the program hosted the #sheinnovates Festival at FPT University in Hanoi together with [Vietnam] WISE – Women’s Initiative for Startups and Entrepreneurship, and announced the opening of the first SAP Next-Gen Lab for Vietnam and the opening of the first Girls’ Lounge in the country.

SAP Next-Gen also announced the opening of two SAP Next-Gen Chapters for Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City at  University of Economics and Law and RMIT Vietnam. The chapters aim to share best practices for educating students with SAP skills while inspiring industries to work with academia to accelerate innovation and insights into the intelligent enterprise.

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