Passionate, engaged people can achieve the extraordinary. But are we engaging people at work? Are we building places where people can thrive, innovate, delight customers, solve big problems, and create new opportunities? That is exactly what digital transformation is demanding today.

A recent Gallup study showed that 85 percent of employees worldwide are performing below their potential. They aren’t engaged. Imagine what that does to the bottom line. Sites like Glassdoor and Kununu provide more transparency than ever before into unsustainable employment practices. There is simply no way to fake a great employee experience anymore. Creating workplaces where people thrive — not merely survive — is essential.

Companies needs precise, real-time information about what employees really want and need so they can make investments that build an employee experience that really engages a workforce that is more diverse and demanding than ever before.

SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life is a cloud-based solution designed to help strengthen employee satisfaction, well-being and health by enabling employees and managers to explore aspects that affect their well-being holistically and get personalized, just-in-time insights and recommendations for improvements. The application provides organizations with real-time data to help create a culture that proactively fosters well-being and prevents stress-related absenteeism and burn-out. That helps improve productivity and bottom-line performance, and helps reduce the costs of hiring and retaining top talent.

I’m so proud SAP and our SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life solution won the HR Innovation Award at the recent Zukunft Personal event in Cologne, Germany in the HR Transformation category. Over 100 companies competed to win this year. The award is given annually at Zukunft Personal, one of Europe’s largest HR events, with more than 18,000 attendees discussing the future of work.

Günter Pecht, head of Future of Work at SAP, accepted the award for SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life on behalf of the entire team: “Winning this award is a huge honor for the entire team and is a testament to the innovative spirit of the 21 co-innovation partners that we worked with to develop the solution. It helps organizations build a culture of well-being, health and employee engagement, because that’s where innovation thrives. This award tells us that we are on the right track.”

I’ll end with one final comment from Natalie Lotzmann, chief medical officer and head of Global Health and Well-Being Management at SAP: “SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life creates the future for organizations to dynamically act upon employees’ and organizational needs to become a best-run business. I am proud of this achievement! This recognition underpins the value of driving a healthy culture for business success. A big thank you to all involved.”

The SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life solution is at the heart of our Well-Being at Work initiative. With it, SAP is positioned to be the first global technology provider to enable a culture of well-being for customers and employees. Using our industry-leading technology and unrivaled global reach we will enable high-performing organizations and healthier, more engaged workforces through a fully integrated well-being platform.

Learn more about SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life here.

Kristi Sanders is global vice president of Well-Being at Work at SAP SuccessFactors.