Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Concur

It’s no secret that technology advancements have, and will continue to, change the way we do business. Today, organizations of all sizes must embrace how technology can enable growth and ultimately help them remain relevant in an increasingly competitive environment.

Technology also continues to rapidly change expectations for senior leadership, employees, and constituents; creating a need for businesses to adopt modern technology and adapt faster than ever before. The challenge is, this isn’t easy, but the good news is, we have an answer: helping customers drive digital transformation as intelligent enterprises.

I meet with customers every chance I get. Since SAP crystallized what it means to be an Intelligent Enterprise and how this elevates employees to focus on higher-value tasks, customers ask me how they can achieve this through their travel and expense programs. We discuss how SAP Concur can help their companies by collecting, normalizing, enriching, and connecting previously siloed data so everyone can focus on more strategic work. I explain how their finance teams can gain more visibility, focus, and agility in controlling spend, while HR, travel managers, and security officers can improve the travel and duty of care experience for employees. We also discuss how IT leaders can help their businesses drive agility by delivering innovative cloud-based solutions that reduce time, inaccuracy, and costs.

An Intelligent Enterprise includes three key capabilities that most organizations are already on a journey to build, however, intelligent technologies, such as machine learning, Internet of Things, and advanced analytics enhance their progress tremendously.

  • Visibility: The ability to collect and connect data that was previously siloed, recognize unseen patterns, and gain actionable insights. The SAP Concur solution is integrated and shares expense, travel, and invoice data across a single, unified intelligent suite, providing greater visibility into employee spend.
  • Focus: Understand where you are spending and ensure you see spending in time to do something about it. With rule-based budgeting and analytics solutions, technology can help the finance team take care of the details, offering the control and visibility to zoom from the big picture down to the transaction level and see what’s happening as it occurs.
  • Agility: The ability to empower businesses to respond faster to changes and pivot to ensure the best outcomes. With near real-time budgeting and analytics tools, intelligent enterprises allow business leaders to respond quickly to events as they unfold.

Bringing travel, expense, and invoice management systems together is a perfect example of the value of the Intelligent Enterprise. No longer is data in disconnected systems; you have visibility across all spending with one view.  This means employees are freed up to do more meaningful work, giving them the opportunity to reimagine their business by providing insights to refine processes, ensure compliance, and stay ahead of market changes. Moreover, this unified experience delivers on the expectations of employees. By eliminating the complex and clunky user experiences that push users away and drive down adoption, intelligent enterprises accelerate value creation.

While SAP Concur is laser-focused on managing employee spend, SAP shares the same dedication to leveraging the data businesses generate to their benefit. If bringing expense, travel, and invoice management together can deliver greater visibility, focus, agility, and traveler safety to finance and IT leaders, imagine the impact bringing data together across every part of the organization. How would security, procurement, HR, sales, marketing, or operations look if they were part of the same intelligent suite, using best-in-class user experiences and smarter workflows?

In the end, the Intelligent Enterprise is more than just an automated business; it is a vision for how SAP sees the future of business for our customers, the future of work for our customers employees, and a foundation for greater visibility, focus, and agility across their organizations. We believe the opportunities are endless and we are committed to helping customers discover where they are on this journey and how we can help them reimagine their business as intelligent enterprises.

Mike Eberhard is president of SAP Concur.