Now Live! Digitally Discover, Try, and Buy SAP Analytics Cloud Solutions Online at SAP’s Digital Door: SAP.com


Expanding our portfolio of digitally transactable offerings is a key component of the strategy here at SAP to make it easier for our customers to discover, try, and buy SAP and partner offerings online. With just a few simple clicks, customers can find what they need, make their purchases, and quickly get started with their new solution.

As I explained earlier this year, SAP is unifying the buying process on SAP.com – the digital door to SAP. It exemplifies our goal to create simple and connected digital customer experiences for finding, trying, buying, and consuming SAP and partner solutions.

To build off of this ethos, several SAP Analytics Cloud products are now available to purchase online at SAP.com: SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence (BI), SAP Analytics Hub, and SAP Digital Boardroom. These products can combine to make a vital tool for C-level executives in running their intelligent enterprises. They are digitally transactable and available for purchase as well at SAP Store and SAPAnalytics.Cloud.

This milestone is a big step in driving our digital buying efforts. A single solution for collaborative business planning and business intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud is augmented with the technology of machine learning and predictive analytics to bring together analytics, planning, and BI all in one place. It delivers deeper analysis with less effort and time, letting users across any enterprise uncover new insights that can be turned into confident, forward-leading decisions.

Below is a highlight of the specific SAP Analytics Cloud solutions now available for purchase on SAP.com.

Analytics for the Intelligent Enterprise

A cornerstone of the SAP Analytics Cloud offering, SAP Analytics Cloud for BI offers real-time business intelligence in the cloud and supplies solutions to complicated business challenges. Through augmented analytics and smart visualization features, organizations can evaluate and predict business outcomes with an all-in-one solution. Leveraging data from different sources and creating compelling data visualizations, the innovative solution allows real-time collaboration across any organization, with advanced analytics and one-click visualization.

SAP Analytics Cloud for BI features include:

  • Unified data sources: Connect, prepare and leverage data — big and small — from cloud or on-premise applications, and analyze it at any level of detail, with any number of users, aligning activities across departments
  • Agile business intelligence tools: Answer business questions in just a few clicks with best-of-breed business intelligence
  • Stunning visualizations: Create state-of-the-art visualization with role-based personalization to engage key audiences through robust dashboards and crisp messaging

Simplifying Analytics with a Single Point of Access

SAP Analytics Hub offers IT administrators and content authors a single access point to manage enterprise-wide analytics scattered across multiple applications and platforms. It is a cloud-based, searchable catalogue for all on-premise and cloud analytics, bringing access to all analytics, including SAP or third-party content, in a single, front-end platform.

SAP Analytics Hub key features include:

  • Enterprise agility: Increase adoption rates and bridge multiple systems to deliver a single truth that helps business make fast, data-driven decisions based on factual insights
  • IT efficiency: Start the journey to the cloud with no disruption, running in real-time to grow adoption rates of analytics
  • Self-governed community: Enable collective insights, certify analytics and enrich metadata – all while empowering business intelligence communities with more actionable insights

Real-Time Decision-Making in the Boardroom

We’re taking corporate meetings to the next level for our SAP Analytics customers, giving them a complete, real-time view of company situations and key figures across departments for fast decisions to foster trust from company leaders. SAP Digital Boardroom has an engaging user experience that invites leaders to interact with insights for better outcomes. It simplifies the boardroom process by reducing preparation time and offline topics — using collaborative tools to leverage in the moment knowledge and insights.

SAP Digital Boardroom features include:

  • Explore information: Look at data insights on the fly with intuitive business intelligence dashboards for executives, navigating between varying levels and views of data
  • Run impactful meetings: A user-friendly, interactive interface creates impactful presentations to run meetings with prepared agendas or take a more dynamic approach with exploratory dashboards
  • Plan and simulate: Get a clear understanding of the drivers and relationships in planning information to run ad-hoc simulations and what-if analysis to compare varying impacts of potential business decisions

Making SAP Cloud Analytics digitally available has been a core focus for SAP’s digital business in 2018, as we work to make the entire portfolio transactable online as we move into 2019 and beyond. Our commitment is to continue building SAP’s digital offerings to make it even more simple and seamless for our customers to discover, try, and buy both SAP and partner solutions all in one place online. We remain laser-focused on simplifying the digital buying journey and experience for our customers, to provide them exactly what they want and need, when and where they need it.

We’re looking forward to a great SAP TechEd event this week and are excited to share the great things ahead. All SAP Analytics Cloud products now available for digital purchase on SAP Store are also hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and have predictive capabilities, offering even more value to customers. To see more, visit SAP.com, SAP Store, or SAPAnalytics.cloud.

Bertram Schulte is chief digital officer at SAP.
@bertramschulte | LinkedIn