Egnyte Extends SAP Cloud Platform for Easy, Secure Business Collaboration

In a cloud-based business world, sharing information quickly with colleagues, suppliers, and other partners is a huge plus, but not if it comes at the expense of security.

I had an interesting conversation during this VIDEO interview at SAP TechEd with Rafi Cohen, director of Strategic Alliances, SAP, at Egnyte, about his company’s approach to secure business.

“Organizations are very different than consumers. They really care about security, compliance, scalability and management, and Egnyte is built around those principles,” said Cohen.

Building on SAP Cloud Platform

The California-based company, which also has offices in Europe, has developed a solution that extends SAP Cloud Platform, essentially functioning as a cloud file server. However, unlike other document management players, Egnyte is focused solely on business customers that value a centralized approach. It’s a unique combination of ease plus enterprise-grade security.

“Companies can create and enforce policies. They can require passwords, have files with preset expiration dates, and automatically designate which portions of data can be shared externally. We also provide audit reports of every document accessed at any time, including who looked at it and how they modified it,” said Cohen.

Borderless Business Collaboration

The beauty of Egnyte Connect for SAP Cloud Platform is that it lets people within and beyond company walls collaborate with each other, sharing documents securely and efficiently.

“Employees need to be able to easily share documents from any device, at any time, so they can collaborate company-wide and with suppliers and other external partners in a networked business environment,” said Cohen. “And it’s not just when someone is in the office, but also when they’re on the go from any device. We want to give companies a great deal of flexibility, while fitting into existing workflows.”

According to Cohen, SAP Cloud Platform and Egnyte are a perfect match. “When you think about all the processes that SAP powers, and combine that with Egnyte’s document sharing capabilities, and our broad integration with other systems and tools, we add a great deal of functionality and capability to SAP Cloud Platform,” said Cohen.

He added that Egnyte’s hybrid approach lets companies keep some data on premise. “Companies may not want to bring everything to the cloud because regulatory or other organizational compliance mandates.”

SAP App Center Benefits Partners and Customers

Customers can purchase Egnyte’s solutions directly from the SAP App Center. In fact, Cohen characterized SAP App Center as invaluable in figuring out how to take full advantage of the many opportunities SAP provides.

“SAP App Center is the front-facing window to a very big community of developers, and it’s a great way for people to find the content they’re looking for to address they’re specific business needs,” he said.

Uddhav Gupta, global vice president and general manager for SAP App Center, said that Egnyte’s solution typified what partners and customers can expect in this digital marketplace.

“Being able to share documents in the cloud in compliance with security mandates and scalability demands is crucial in the Intelligent Enterprise,” he said. “Egnyte’s solution reflects the kind of innovations customers can quickly find and use on SAP App Center.”

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