SAP Data Network, Live Insights for Workforce, Enables Data-Driven Hiring Decisions


The fight for top talent is fierce. As the founder of the startup SAP Data Network, I have experienced firsthand the cruciality and challenges of choosing top talent to build my top-notch team.

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Because of my experience, we have partnered with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass to create an insights service that allows organizations to make data-driven hiring decisions.

To gain competitive edge when looking for the right people, you need up-to-the-moment insights about the labor market in your industry and geography and gain that market insight before others in your industry do – for powerful predictions on talent strategies and to keep up with the changes in the labor market.

When filling a position, the underlying skills profile — distinguishing between must-have skills and optional skills — provides you with the right alternatives to expand your talent search into neighboring jobs, helping you strike the right balance between skills match, time-to-fill success and competitive salary.

SAP Data Network, live insights for workforce, is the data-driven insights service that makes all this possible.

Live insights for workforce enables organizations to simulate, predict, and enact talent strategies in real time. It equips HR, recruiters, and hiring managers with powerful insights gleaned from large-scale transactional data covering both permanent and external workforces. The service delivers insights that are crucial in making hiring decisions, including candidates per job role, time to fill, and annual salary by geography and industry. At the same time, it provides skills-based job role options to compete for and secure the best talent to execute on business objectives.

Integrating SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Data Hub with the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning and Big Data capabilities, together with the SAP HANA platform, live insights for workforce combines aggregated and anonymized workforce data from SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass solutions to create the world’s largest source of transactional workforce data.

By identifying which skillset the organization needs, live insights for workforce can guide customers to the best matched job role within moments. The new data-driven cloud service can:

  • Compare job roles with similar and deviating skills to enable hiring managers to select the best-matched skillset versus relying on job titles
  • Compare locations and corresponding salaries to determine the best location to hire a worker
  • Compare hiring performance to industry benchmark of aggregated and anonymized transactional data
  • Integrate seamlessly into the customer’s existing SAP SuccessFactors or SAP Fieldglass requisition process

I deeply believe that choosing the right people is not a luxury, it is a necessity to achieve business goals. Let the data help you make evidence-based recruiting decisions to acquire the right talent, fast.

Helen Arnold is president of SAP Data Network.