How High Tech Can Thrive in the World of Usage Rights with SAP Entitlement Management

Advances in technology have dramatically changed the types of products and services companies offer and the way customers purchase them. Previously, no matter what businesses were selling be it cars, cameras, music, or software — once a product was in the customer’s hands, the transaction was complete.

Today, companies across many industries are introducing new business models and experiences to the market. They are providing subscription offerings and bundling and embedding software and services together with products to provide a more attractive offering to their customers.

The focus is no longer on the physical product, but on the “usage rights” related to the bundled solution offering. The success of these new business models relies not only on the initial sale, but the ongoing relationship and satisfaction of the customer.

Managing what the customer is entitled to is challenging. For example, let’s say you bundle a customer offering that includes a notebook, a one-time installation service and a yearly subscription to productivity software that has a trial period followed by a monthly fee. Each one of these contract items will have one or many entitlements that need to be tracked and potentially adjusted throughout their life cycles.

Many companies have tried to manage entitlements using custom built or highly adapted systems. They are proving to be inefficient and hard to scale when looking to adapt to new business needs. As back-office operations become more complex, a solid entitlement management system is essential.

SAP Entitlement Management: Eight Key Features

SAP Entitlement Management is designed to meet the needs of fast moving, increasingly complex businesses by streamlining and automating the process of entitlement management and operations. This includes entitlement modeling, life-cycle management, workflow, integration, reporting, and monitoring.

The solution supports software, service, hardware and content related usage rights. It is a native SaaS solution that offers a high degree of flexibility, agility, and a great user experience. Key features of the solution are:Key features of the SAP Entitlement Management solution

SAP Entitlement Management: Five Key Benefits

SAP Entitlement Management provides a number of benefits from boosting sales and revenues and accelerating innovation to improving operational efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. Five key benefits are:

If you are ready to scale and optimize your entitlement management processes and consolidate your IT landscape with a flexible and highly scalable cloud solution, reach out to your SAP Account Executive or to SAP directly.

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