SAP TechEd and Beyond: Bringing Tailored Education to the Workforce of Tomorrow

In today’s rapidly evolving tech world, it is hard for enterprises to keep up their competitiveness. What does it take to always be one step ahead? The answer is: become an intelligent enterprise.

New digital technologies offer opportunities and solutions never thought of before. In order to stay relevant, offer the best products and customer experiences, enterprises of the future need to be intelligent. But not only regarding their technological evolvement but also in terms of providing employees with the training and resources necessary to keep up.

While online learning resources undoubtedly give corporate learners increased flexibility in the training process, it’s important that this content targets learners on an individual basis, down to their industry, line of business, and day-to-day tasks.

With this in mind, in 2018 SAP TechEd is offering attendees a new way to absorb conference content in the most personalized way possible. The 35 Learning Journeys will offer individuals the ability to pursue event content tailored to their unique learning goals before, during and after the conference.

From Education to Application

Whether learners are most interested in integration out-of-the-box, or applied intelligence, the 35 learning journeys available across eight conference tracks ensure that every technology area is represented. After choosing a learning journey most relevant to their interests, skill level, and professional role, attendees can kick-start their experience beforehand through online lectures, and dedicated online courses available through openSAP. This pre-education will prepare learners for the sessions included in their learning journey during the conference, allowing them to make the most of their experience while onsite.

In order to support the continuous learning of individual SAP TechEd attendees, Learning Journeys don’t end when the conference does. Simply by clicking on “register here” within the agenda builder, SAP TechEd attendees get free access to the SAP Learning Hub, event edition until January 31, 2019. Relevant courses and content will be made available there post-event, helping learners to stay up-to-date as the technologies that impact their daily work continue to evolve. By serving as a point of reference as attendees bring the information absorbed back to the office, the learning journeys act as a guide for both education and application.

Next-Generation Technology for User Adoption

Learning Journeys are only one example of the ways in which SAP learning and enablement resources are meeting SAP users and professionals where they are. Moreover, we offer end-user training and enablement with leading knowledge content management solution SAP Enable Now, which includes a broad portfolio of embedded learning and in-application help.

Whether managing change for existing software users, or onboarding new employees, SAP Enable Now puts customizable standard content at the fingertips of users, without having to leave their workflow, directly within the user interface of the application. Given the need to keep employees up-to-date on quarterly innovation cycles, this instant access to contextual learning and enablement is more important than ever.

Currently available for SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors, key and end users have access to more than 1,400 in-app task tutorials, guided tours, and exercises to fuel any transformation project. This content is constantly evolving with the innovation cycles of the solution, allowing learners to keep their skills up-to-date, and maximize their role at all times. In an effort to make this contextualized learning experience available for all SAP customers, embedded learning from SAP Enable Now will be available across all SAP cloud solutions in the near future.

Customized Learning Experience

SAP customers are as unique as SAP systems are, which is why SAP Enable Now allows customers to tailor the available standard content according to their needs. With the click of a button, customers can modify the embedded learning and help content to meet their needs in the moment.

In addition to this flexibility and control, the high-quality microlearning content made available through SAP Enable Now is delivered in the context of each learners’ role, meaning that they are only exposed to information most relevant to their work. By only recommending the learning materials that directly impact the user, this tailored approach allows for faster onboarding, adoption, and continuous learning.

Experience It  Yourself

Be sure to check out SAP Enable Now, which will be on display during SAP TechEd Las Vegas, October 2-5, 2018; SAP TechEd Barcelona, October 23-25, 2018; and SAP TechEd Bangalore, November 28-30, 2018. To make the most of SAP TechEd and tailor the rest of your event experience, take a look at the tracks available and build your Learning Journey today!

Get a sneak-peak into what SAP Knowledge and Education has prepared for this year’s #SAPTechEd. You are responsible for your own learning experience and we help you along the way with Learning Journeys:


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Bernd Welz is executive vice president and chief knowledge officer for SAP Knowledge and Education at SAP.