Building Flexible, Integrated Retail Experiences with SAP Upscale Commerce

Retailers today are facing a digital whiplash. While the last several years saw major brands prioritizing on building their digital and mobile-first strategies, the winning retailers are now finding that integrated experiences resonate the most with consumers.

In fact, SAP Customer Experience recently conducted a survey of over 20,000 consumers worldwide and found that when asked what would improve online shopping experiences, the highest responses included return lockers and physical storefronts. To help brands navigate the digitally integrated future of retail, this year at SAP Customer Experience Live in Barcelona we’re announcing the launch of our latest SAP Commerce Cloud solution: SAP Upscale Commerce.

Upscale is a SaaS-based unified commerce platform that leverages AI-powered retail merchandising specifically designed to help mid-market brands bring powerful experiences to life at a rapid-fire pace. Deployable in as little as a few days, SAP Upscale Commerce connects supply-side commerce with front-end demand. Optimal for B2C brands, retailers and CPG companies who are operating with software and implementation budget of less than $250,000, SAP Upscale Commerce seamlessly builds real-time activations. For the mid-market brand looking to create powerful experiences among fierce competition, SAP Upscale Commerce can be a significant differentiator.

Notable features include:

  • Mobile and Web App Support: Seventy percent of internet traffic is on mobile, yet only 20 percent of conversion. This gap is driven by a brands inability to bridge mobile and traditional web interfaces. SAP Upscale Commerce includes rich mobile experiences, including gestures such as swiping, tapping, pinching etc., and one-tap-buy usability to make mobile commerce simple and responsive.
  • Omnichannel Functionality: Consumers expect to be able to shop across channels with ease. SAP Upscale Commerce provides distributed order management (DOM) so customers can shop easily across channels, pivoting from buy online and pick up in store to making an appointment in store.
  • Featuring the Endless Aisle: Retailers are often unable to carry the full range of products in every store. Some stores may have higher volumes of specific items or might not have hyper-specific variants of each product. SAP Upscale Commerce makes online in-store shopping easy via an ‘endless aisle’ app, showing the complete range that the customer can buy. With a few taps and swipes, they can find the product then checkout via mobile phone.

As flexible, integrated experiences become the benchmark for next-gen retail, SAP Upscale Commerce democratizes retailers’ ability to delight customers in real-time. I’m thrilled to see it enter the SAP Cloud Commerce family of platforms.

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Chris Hauca is head of Strategy and Go-to-Market for SAP Commerce Cloud at SAP Customer Experience.