At this year’s SAP Customer Experience LIVE in Barcelona, we’re announcing that Ruum by SAP is integrating with SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud.

Ruum adds cross-team collaboration and project management to the SAP C/4HANA suite, giving high-performance teams everything they need to execute seamlessly between front and back office.

Serving your customers is a team sport. World-class customer experience requires seamless collaboration across all customer-facing activities. A modern-day office worker coordinates 15 to 20 topics in parallel, which all too often results in email and spreadsheet overload. In fact, every day 269 billion emails are being sent around the world and research shows that we spend 60 percent of our working hours with emails and meetings.

Introducing Ruum by SAP

Ruum is SAP’s new platform of visibility and teamwork on top of SAP C/4HANA, helping companies across the globe to drop fewer balls, do faster work — and better business.

  • Simple task management, timelines, and file storage for sales and marketing teams
  • Seamless collaboration with external stakeholders
  • Deep integration with your business processes

Ruum is as easy to use as email and with just one click, you can onboard suppliers, partners, agencies or customers to collaborate. Company-wide templates allow you to automate project setup and workflow execution.

In this video, see how The Sales Developers use Ruum to manage all customer-facing activities:


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In addition to SAP C/4HANA, Ruum also integrates with front-office tools like MS Teams, Box, and SharePoint. You can integrate your systems across your enterprise system landscape and plug project management on top of any business process.

What Can Ruum Help With?

Ruum is being used at more than 1,400 companies of various sizes. Martin Boehm, chief digital officer at Beiersdorf AG: “Ruum brings sales and marketing processes and teamwork together with the best UX I’ve ever seen from SAP.”

Here’s how other high-performance teams are using Ruum:

  • Coordinating leads and opportunities with internal and external stakeholders
  • Planning account strategy
  • Creating a solid competitor attack plan
  • Managing closing plans directly with customers
  • Coordinating new product development with customers and suppliers
  • Aligning marketing campaign execution in one central place with all involved parties
  • Managing localization of e-commerce strategy across global teams

 About Ruum

Ruum is the flagship solution of SAP’s startup incubator SAP.iO and was built by a team of Berlin-based SAP employees in the SAP.iO Venture Studio program. The product grew to 13,000 users from more than 1,400 companies within six months if its release in March 2018.

How to Get Started

Ruum is a freemium product; customers can get started and use Ruum for free. Don’t have a Ruum account yet? Sign up today at https://sapruum.com.

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