SAP CoPilot Powers Intelligence and Speed for Sales Reps

Intelligent digital assistants are quickly moving into sales teams. IDC researchers predicted 30 percent of companies will soon use interactive conversational speech technologies across not only marketing and service, but also sales.

For a look into a much more efficient sales performance future, watch my video interview showcasing SAP CoPilot at SAP TechEd with Thomas Reiss, vice president of SAP Design Product Management.


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“Natural language processing is a new way of working,” said Reiss. “It began with consumer user interfaces that relied on voice, has quickly moved into customer service, and now companies are seeing tremendous potential in areas like procurement and sales. We’re making traditionally complicated systems of record like sales as easy to use as Amazon.”

Boost Sales Performance

In his onsite demo, Reiss showed me how SAP CoPilot speeds up the sales process. Reps can find information quickly and respond to customer orders.

“When salespeople can talk with the system just as they’d have a conversation with a person, they can move from requests for quotes to orders much faster,” said Reiss. “This transforms the sales experience for reps and ultimately customers who receive what they want, when they want it.”

No Time Wasted

What makes this digital assistant so intelligent is the immediate connection to relevant information. This includes all open quotes across the company when the request comes in. Similarly, employees can access sales orders, contract, debit and credit memo requests. It’s easy to narrow down selections by customer reference ID, or multiple parameters like company name, value and sales organization. People can also get an overview of the sales order status, and make quick updates to sales orders, such as setting up a billing block until payment terms are clarified.

“Using SAP Copilot integrated with data in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the sales rep has all the information they need to respond more efficiently to customer requests,” said Reiss. “They can quickly understand what’s going on with that organization. It’s a much more natural way to interact with someone instead of tediously searching through different applications in various systems.”

He added that companies can create their own skills using the skills builder for SAP CoPilot.

Voice Brings People Skills to Forefront

Like many technologies, the human element is likely to be among the biggest benefits of digital assistants. If salespeople can spend less time scrambling to find information for quotes and process orders, they’ll have more time to do what they do best, building relationships with high-priority customers, and taking on more strategic responsibilities to generate leads and close more deals faster.

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