Empowering Young Women as Business Leaders and Social Change Agents in Turkey

To inspire a global audience of marketing and communication creatives on the strategic impact of linking a brand to the 17 UN Global Goals, including Goal #5 – Gender Equality, the SAP Next-Gen program delivered a clear message from the main stage at Brand Week Istanbul.

“We are on a mission to make innovation and technology work better for young women and girls, to empower young women as business leaders and social change agents in Turkey and globally, and to make quality education available to all,” Ann Rosenberg, senior vice president and global head of SAP Next-Gen, told brand and marketing leaders from around the world.

The global audience of marketing influencers at Brand Week Istanbul also heard Rosenberg share a preview of the new book, “Science Fiction: A Starship for Enterprise Innovation,” which describes Innovation 4.0 as the use of science fiction thinking to create disruptive concepts for how exponential technologies can accelerate achieving the UN Global Goals. The book, a guide from SAP Next-Gen to inspire bold and purposeful innovation in the Intelligent Enterprise, is expected to be published early next year.

SAP Next-Gen is accelerating its engagement in Turkey to both support academia in educating SAP skilled graduates and to connect Turkey’s academic thought leaders and researchers, students, startups, accelerators, and tech community leaders to the global network around the SAP Next-Gen initiative.

“We are helping the next generation in Turkey to reimagine the future of their country as a regional leader in innovation with purpose,” said Rosenberg. “Enabled by the latest SAP technologies as well as new mindsets such as Innovation 4.0, we are fostering skills for digital futures among Turkey’s next generation of purpose-driven innovators.”

The SAP Next-Gen program also hosted a #sheinnovates university meetup in Istanbul, where students, faculty, startups, and industry partners heard how the global #sheinnovates movement aims to make innovation and technology work better for women and girls and to support them to thrive in their future careers and create meaningful change in the workplace.

During the meetup, Marmara University announced that its campus is opening the first SAP Next-Gen Lab location in Turkey.

“Marmara University shares a joint vision with SAP Next-Gen to open new channels to connect industry with academic thought leadership on the technologies and innovation methodologies driving the digital transformation of industries,” said Onur Bekmezci, lecturer in the Faculty of Business Administration at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey. “The opening of our SAP Next-Gen Lab at Marmara University will highlight new opportunities for industry partners to recruit SAP skilled graduates as tomorrow’s digital leaders and social change agents.”

More than 130 SAP Next-Gen Lab locations at universities, partner, and SAP locations foster connections between academia and the SAP ecosystem, including companies, startups, accelerators, tech community partners, venture firms, and purpose-driven partners and institutions. Universities that open an SAP Next-Gen Lab location have the opportunity to:

  • Open new channels to share thought leadership and collaborate with other thought leaders in academia and industry on the technologies and innovation methodologies driving the digital transformation of industries
  • Connect companies recruiting next-generation leaders with purpose-driven students and graduates who have digital transformation knowledge and skills
  • Showcase startups with corporates seeking to seed in disruptive innovation
  • Conduct projects with SAP Next-Gen, where industry partners can work with the mindset of young people to reimagine the future of their industry and intelligent enterprises

While in Istanbul, the SAP Next-Gen program also announced a monthly series of “Girls’ Lounge on Campus” virtual board meetings that aim to support the growing global network of universities joining forces with the SAP Next-Gen program and The Female Quotient to foster the next generation of female digital leaders and entrepreneurs. Universities, startups, accelerators, purpose-driven institutions, and activist citizens are welcome to join the first virtual meeting on November 19, 2018.

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