Art and Gender Equality: Inspiring the Next Generation to Innovate with Purpose in Miami

When artists, gallerists, curators, collectors, architects, and cultural leaders gather at Art Basel Miami Beach over the next few days, one question they’ll ask is “How can artists and their supporters be part of inspiring global audiences to create a sustainable and gender-equal world?”

For the SAP Next-Gen program, one answer is that art can inspire the next generation — including young women and girls — to innovate with purpose, creating solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Today, SAP Next-Gen is joining forces with The Female Quotient, Code/Art, The Feminist Institute, and Deloitte Digital at the Girls’ Lounge at Art Basel to celebrate women in the arts.

“Putting more women in every equation is key for achieving SDG #5, Gender Equality,” said Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient and founder of The Girls’ Lounge. “Together with SAP Next-Gen, The Female Quotient is bringing the Girls’ Lounge to Art Basel, one of the most prominent art festivals in the world, to provide a space for female artists and cultural leaders to connect and collaborate on next-step solutions for change.”

SAP Next-Gen is also launching its presence in Miami, where SAP Latin America & Caribbean is headquartered.

“With an already growing network of partners with strong connections in Miami and Latin America, SAP Next-Gen is supporting students and educational institutions, startups, creatives, and purpose-driven organizations to make Miami a hub for innovation with purpose,” said Ann Rosenberg, senior vice president and global head of SAP Next-Gen.

“The launch of SAP Next-Gen in Miami will accelerate connecting Miami’s vibrant communities of educators, startups, tech leaders, social activists and cultural leaders in a movement to drive economic growth and business innovation in Miami and into Latin America,” said Claudio Muruzabal, president of SAP Latin America & Caribbean.

Enabling a Community of Rising Social Entrepreneurs in Miami

The launch in Miami is part of the SAP Next-Gen program’s increasing focus on a city that is becoming recognized as a hub for purpose-driven entrepreneurs linked to Latin America who are accelerating disruptive solutions to the SDGs.

As part of enabling a community of rising social entrepreneurs in Miami, SAP Next-Gen is collaborating with Startup Guide and Knight Foundation in the launch of Startup Guide Miami, the second Startup Guide in the US.

“Miami has quickly established itself as a global innovation hub,” says Sissel Hansen, CEO and founder of Startup Guide. “In the past couple of years, new accelerators and incubators have cropped up to support startups, transforming Miami into a city synonymous with startups.”

Packed with city essentials, practical information, in-depth interviews and insightful tips, Startup Guide Miami will guide, empower, and inspire entrepreneurs in one of most innovative cities to transform their startup ideas into reality. Startup Guide Miami will enable startups to connect with accelerator programs, matchmaking services and corporate innovation initiatives, accelerating Miami as a frontier of innovation with purpose.

“Miami is a gateway city connecting Latin America to North America, with some of the strongest voices and stages for purpose-driven entrepreneurship,” said Rosenberg. “Miami is emerging as of the most disruptive global startup scenes with a focus on innovation with purpose linked to the SDGs. We aim to foster connections among startups and customers in Miami as well as to a worldwide ecosystem of more than 413,000 SAP customers in more than 180 countries; more than 3,600 educational institutions in our academic community in 116 countries; and accelerators, venture firms, purpose-driven partners, governments, institutions, and citizen activists.”

In addition to support from SAP Next-Gen, Startup Guide Miami is being accelerated through a partnership with Knight Foundation, a national foundation with the goal to foster informed and engaged communities.

“Miami is increasingly becoming the middle ground between the Eastern and Western hemispheres. When the East and West try to engage with Latin America, they do that in Miami,” Raul Moas, program director at Knight Foundation told Startup Guide. He adds that significant investment in Latin America is processed through Miami, and vice versa.

Inspiring Girls to Code with Purpose

As part of its growing partner network in Miami, SAP Next-Gen is working with Code/Art, a Miami-based nonprofit whose mission is to increase the number of girls studying computer science by delighting and inspiring them with the creative possibilities of computer programming. Code/Art uses art as an onramp to coding for girls in grades four to 12. Code/Art runs CodeHer clubs and community workshops where students learn how to write computer programs that generate art.

“Code/Art is looking to make a big impact on the number of girls studying computer science. The SAP Next-Gen program will help us amplify our reach by connecting our community with the network of SAP Next-Gen in Miami and globally,” said Amy Renshaw, co-founder and executive director of Code/Art. “As part of the #sheinnovates movement, we can continue our mission of inspiring girls to code both here and around the world.”

Through #sheinnovates, Code/Art will be part of a global community supporting the goals of the UN Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change to make innovation and technology work better for women and girls. And through the global network of partners associated with SAP, Code/Art connects with The Female Quotient and its Girls’ Lounge program, which helps the next generation of female leaders connect, collaborate, and activate change together.

SAP Next-Gen is hosting three events during Art Basel Week to bring together the Miami ecosystem of purpose-driven innovators and social entrepreneurs as part of celebrating the launch of the program in Miami.

Yesterday at The Lab in Miami, Art-Celerate brought together startups, corporates, investors, and social activists to share inspiration and thought leadership on collaboration, purpose, art and science fiction, all linked to creating solutions to the SDGs. The event featured the newly launched Startup Guide for Miami.

Today at the Soho Beach House in Miami, SAP Next-Gen, The Feminist Institute, Code/Art and Deloitte Digital are hosting The Girls’ Lounge at Art Basel, an evening event celebrating women in the arts and put a strong focus on recognizing historic women through time. The celebration will have a special emphasis on top contemporary female artists, many of them joining the event as guests of honor, including Judith Bernstein, Judy Chicago, Maria Foerlev, Michele Pred, Natalie Frank, Robin F. Williams, Zoë Buckman, and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen. They will share their voices to advocate for this important cause and initiate balancing out the scale of gender representation of artists through art history with the support of a strong community and partners.

Tomorrow at Pipeline Brickel in Miami, the event Science Fiction: A Starship for Enterprise Innovation will feature inspiration from Rosenberg on Innovation 4.0, which combines exponential technologies, purpose thinking, and science fiction thinking to unlock creativity through a future focused vision of purposeful use of digital technologies linked to the SDGs. Science fiction thinking is rapidly becoming an essential ingredient in the innovation process, making it a source of competitive advantage as intelligent enterprises seek exponential growth and innovation with purpose.