German Bundesliga club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim will be adding another innovation to its extensive SAP technology landscape: Designed to visualize complex content, the new tactics board app represents the next big step toward taking the world of football to the next level and driving its digital transformation.

As TSG Hoffenheim’s main sponsor, SAP has always taken a particular interest in providing the club with technical expertise to help it deliver on its philosophy of innovation.

“For six years now, we’ve been continuously channeling our ingenuity and our technology know-how into the club,” says Fadi Naoum, head of Sports and Entertainment at SAP and TSG’s central contact for all of its technology projects. “Thanks to our close working relationship and intensive collaboration, TSG is optimizing its business processes and building a better experience for players and fans alike.”

TSG Hoffenheim currently deploys 10 SAP solutions in total, all of which integrate with each other. It is this SAP landscape that enables the club to optimally reach all the groups it serves – from players and coaches to management and fans – and address their needs.

Tactics Board: the Next Innovation

Working closely with TSG Hoffenheim, SAP has augmented the well-established SAP Sports One solution with the new tactics board app. It supplements the options already available for match preparation with comprehensive variants for visualizing and explaining match tactics, set pieces, and team formations. Tactics board is part of the SAP Challenger Insights mobile app in SAP Sports One.

Example tactic for a corner

Benefits of the New Function

Tactics board helps football coaches visualize plays, formations, and strategies – clearly and dynamically. With a 2D pitch view, users can, for example, simulate set pieces like corners and free kicks from both an attacking and a defending perspective. They can also compile an animated sequence made up of several separate consecutive scenes, and then talk the players through the various moves on a tablet or other mobile device.

Example tactic for a free kick

As such, tactics board provides a way of communicating information in visual from, without the need for pen and paper. The solution’s developers also focused on making it easy to use, which can be a major advantage if, for instance, coaches need a quick and simple way to prepare substitutes who come off the bench at very short notice to replace their injured teammates.


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The iOS app is available to all SAP Sports One customers and will be deployed at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. Now that the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL) has authorized the use of iPads and other mobile devices in the technical zone in stadiums during live games, teams are free to work with the tactics board during matches as well.