MWC19 opens in Barcelona on February 25. If you plan to attend this leading digital innovation event, you will certainly want to stop by the SAP stand in Hall 3, stand #3N31, to learn how to use the latest digital innovations to unlock the Intelligent Enterprise. Find out more about SAP at MWC19 Barcelona.

Formerly known as Mobile World Congress, this annual global innovation event has been rebranded to MWC19 Barcelona in recognition of the event’s draw well beyond its traditional audience of mobile operators and telecommunications firms. With an estimated attendance expected at 105,000 people from more than 200 countries, this year’s event will attract technology professionals from throughout the mobile ecosystem, including device makers, software companies, internet companies, equipment providers of all varieties, and organizations in adjacent industries.

The main theme for MWC19 is Intelligent Connectivity, signaling a “new era of highly contextualized and personalized experiences” based on the hyper-connectivity of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), combined with the intelligence available from Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI), according to representatives of GSMA, the event organizer. Core themes include Connectivity, AI, Industry 4.0, Immersive Content, Disruptive Innovation, Digital Wellness, Digital Trust, and The Future.

Building on this momentum, SAP’s theme for MWC19 – “Unlock the Intelligent Enterprise” – is an opportunity to engage visitors in the power of the Intelligent Enterprise to deliver innovation, spark disruptive change, drive digital transformation, and build digital trust. Visitors will experience how to make real business sense of AI, blockchain, predictive analytics, machine learning, and IoT – using the leading digital platform from SAP to orchestrate data, integrate applications, and automate business processes.

SAP Theater Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

SAP has an exciting program lined up with live theater sessions, interactive showcases, insightful panel discussions, and plenty of SAP experts available to answer questions.

Starting Monday morning at 10:00 a.m., SAP will issue a new announcement about SAP Cloud Platform, followed by a panel discussion in the stand theater. On Tuesday, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:20 p.m., the Apple and SAP partnership will take center stage in sessions that highlight the unparalleled value of enterprise iOS apps and include customer examples. On Tuesday, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., the SAP Next-Gen program will present an exciting series of sessions that showcase the company’s partnerships for social good through the responsible use of technology in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Wednesday will be Spain Day at the SAP stand, with morning theater sessions presented in Spanish.

The SAP stand will host a broad range of SAP partners, plus SAP Startup Focus, a global program of visionaries and entrepreneurs with the mission of building an ecosystem of open innovation based on the creation of value-driven technology solutions by startup partners.

Read the full agenda for the SAP stand theater here. Highlights include:

  • SAP Press Conference: This session will cover the SAP news for media, analysts, and influencers, and include Q&A.
    Monday, 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  • SAP Leonardo IoT: Unlock the Intelligent Enterprise: Learn how SAP Leonardo IoT can help you innovate and transform to improve customer experience, deliver a step change in operational efficiency, and reimagine business models and revenue streams. Presented by Elvira Wallis, senior vice president of IoT, SAP
    Monday, 12:30-1:00 p.m.
  • How Good Is Your CX Program, Really?: Find out about the four dimensions you need to consider to build a customer experience (CX) program that delivers business impact. Presented by Catriona Sheil, senior experience management consultant, Qualtrics.
    Monday, 2:00-2:30 p.m.
  • Well-Being and Technology, and People and the Intelligent Enterprise: In these two back-to-back sessions, hear the latest research on the health effects of the “always-on,” digitally connected lifestyle, then examine the critical role of an engaged and intelligent workforce in creating the Intelligent Enterprise. Presented by Dr. Autumn Krauss from SAP SuccessFactors.
    Tuesday, 1:20-2:00 p.m.
  • SAP 5G Innovation Council: Hear how SAP is engaging with 5G to unlock new revenue models, craft new monetization strategies, and strike new strategic partnerships. Presented by Frank Wilde from SAP.
    Tuesday, 4:20-4:40 p.m.
  • Delivering Better Customer Experiences with SAP C/4HANA and SAP Cloud Platform: Learn how telcos can leverage digital channels and the need to incorporate a platform approach to accelerate innovation. Presented by Emily Mui, senior director of Product Marketing for SAP Cloud Platform.
    Wednesday, 1:00-1:20 p.m.

MWC 2019 Promo

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MWC 2019 Promo

Seven Can’t-Miss Experiences that Show How to Unlock the Intelligent Enterprise

The Intelligent Entertainment Park – Powered by SAP Leonardo

SAP Intelligent Entertainment Park

The fun never stops at this Intelligent Entertainment Park. That’s because the managers of this park know how to delight visitors with a superb customer experience. They offer premium quality services, care about the environment, maximize safety and security, and design and build new attractions and business models. As demonstrated in this showcase, SAP delivers the Intelligent Enterprise framework to help businesses like this one run their administrative processes in an efficient and automated way, allowing them to focus on providing the ultimate customer experience. The digital platform collects and integrates data from assets, sensors, and internal systems as well as from external providers. Intelligent technologies enable the use of data to achieve the desired customer experience.

Rinspeed Snap Concept Car – Powered by Intelligent Mobile Technology from SAP

Photo courtesy of Rinspeed AG

The Rinspeed SNAP car on display at the SAP stand illustrates the art of the possible for futuristic mobility ecosystems – and beyond. Designed by Swiss idea powerhouse Rinspeed AG in collaboration with SAP, the modular SNAP concept car illustrates an innovative approach to connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) transport that extends to any moving asset and uses SAP’s platform strategy for hardware, software, connectivity, processes, and services, thus melding the physical and digital worlds to create new efficiencies and business models for intelligent enterprises.

SAP Leonardo Blockchain – for the Supply Chain

Visit this showcase to gain an appreciation of the business impact that SAP Leonardo Blockchain and IoT technologies can have in the digital supply chain by solving problems related to supply chain opaqueness and transactional inefficiencies. See how SAP understands blockchain technology to provide complete visibility over an end-to-end business ecosystem of a smoothie across two connected supply chains to enable tracking of fair trade from fruit on a farm to the drink in a consumer’s hand, and of an electronic component from supply to a bottling machine’s manufacturing and delivery.

Smart Kicker – Powered by SAP Leonardo

Get ready for hands-on foosball fun with our Smart Kicker! Experience SAP Leonardo in an interactive and entertaining way – contextualized by real-time data that delivers all the thrills of real-world tournament action. While you play Smart Kicker, computer vision with a high-speed camera enables us to collect, analyze, and process data, like ball position and speed, and stream it in real time to SAP Cloud Platform. Follow the live statistics with an iPad app and dashboard overview to spot patterns of play and sharpen your game.

SAP Digital Supply Chain with iOS – with SAP Leonardo and Apple

In this digital supply chain showcase, learn how the SAP and Apple partnership delivers “design to operate” – an end-to-end scenario for the intelligent enterprise. See how an intelligent enterprise leverages SAP Leonardo technologies and Apple on-device technologies to predict and react to day-to-day business challenges by adapting all business processes – from design to manufacturing, sourcing, maintenance, and delivery.

Customer Experience – with SAP C/4HANA

Find out how you can provide your customers with unparalleled experiences that drive value for your brand with SAP C/4HANA. This showcase, designed around fitness and sports fashion apparel, opens a world of possibilities to create engaging and delightful customer experiences. For example, imagine if your favorite brand’s mobile site could create the look you’d really like to have when running. Or, you could use a smart, machine-learning mirror to get style recommendations – like adding sports sunglasses. While you’re focused on your health, find out how you can maintain all your vital and medical health data, and share it as you wish with counterparts like doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, universities, and brands – as well as engage with those counterparts to manage appointments and payments, or take part in marketing campaigns.

SAP Digital Board Room – Powered by SAP Analytics

Visit SAP Digital Board Room on the Microsoft Surface Hub to explore the latest analytics-based management scenarios built from data produced in business processes in real time. Give top decision makers real-time, digital-enterprise insight into integrated line-of-business data from SAP and third-party applications. Users can more readily monitor, simulate, and support business change to meet the expectations of customers, business partners, and employees. See the boardroom of the future – today.

To learn more about these showcases, contact SAP to book a time to see a demo or take a fully guided tour. For more information, visit SAP at Mobile World Congress 2019. Follow SAP on Twitter at #MWC19 at @SAP_Telco. See you in Barcelona!