As part of its expanding partnership with Startup Guide, the SAP Next-Gen program recently joined in the launch of Startup Guide Frankfurt, creating new opportunities for purpose-driven entrepreneurs in Frankfurt and across southern Hesse, Germany, to connect to the program’s global community of innovation with purpose.

Both on the local scale in Frankfurt and on the world stage, SAP Next-Gen aims to inspire innovators to develop technology for good to accelerate solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“The breadth of industries, impressive landscape of corporates, strong universities, and highly qualified talent pool in Frankfurt attract innovators from around the world,” said Sissel Hansen, founder and CEO of Startup Guide. “Through our global partnership with SAP Next-Gen, our newest guidebook for Frankfurt enables startups in the region to connect with the innovation with purpose community in and around SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf as well as globally.”

Startup Guide Frankfurt includes a spotlight on the SAP Next-Gen program and advice from Ann Rosenberg, senior vice president and global head of SAP Next-Gen, for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, including:

  • Activate your science-fiction thinking and imagination. Unlock the potential of exponential technologies to enable positive social change. The future is coming fast and having a positive impact on the world either as a startup or a corporate means understanding how technology can be an enabler for good.”
  • Lead with purpose. Being purpose-driven will make you more future-proof and focused on your vision. Represent a diverse range of talent to support the people-oriented parts of the SDGs.”
  • Take the stage and start a movement. Startups and enterprises that succeed are also driving communities and movements. Create networking opportunities and collaborative spaces for your movement to take shape and flourish.”
  • Connect with the Frankfurt chapter of SAP Next-Gen. Frankfurt is a hub of financial business, emerging startups, and strong educational programs. Look to create B2B solutions and innovations leveraging the SAP Next-Gen community in Frankfurt.”

Connecting Frankfurt-Based Startups to a Network of Universities in Germany and Globally

Entrepreneurs in Frankfurt can build their global networks through connections to more than 100 SAP Next-Gen Chapter locations — think tanks at universities focused on reimagining the future of industries and the Intelligent Enterprise and fostering next-generation, purpose-driven innovators accelerating solutions to the SDGs. Eighteen SAP Next-Gen Chapter locations in Germany, including Hasso Plattner Institute, drive thought leadership in the diverse fields of cybersecurity, health cloud, design thinking, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and sustainability.

Entrepreneurs in Frankfurt and southern Hesse who gain guidance and inspiration from Startup Guide Frankfurt can also connect with SAP Next-Gen program activities and partners in the region. As one example, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences enhances the education of information systems master’s degree students with SAP Next-Gen projects. Students learn and apply design thinking, business model innovation, and SAP technology to develop disruptive designs and innovation prototype solutions to real-world challenges.

As part of the global gender agenda #sheinnovates, SAP Next-Gen also offers opportunities for entrepreneurs in Frankfurt and southern Hesse to support the goals of the Global Innovation Coalition for Change to make innovation and technology work better for women and girls. SAP Next-Gen connects universities and partners to The Female Quotient and its FQ Lounge @ Campus program, which offers the next generation of leaders a community in which they can collaborate and connect, setting a strong foundation for them to thrive in their future careers and create meaningful change in the workplace.

“SAP Next-Gen connects startups in Frankfurt to the innovation hub around our global headquarters in Walldorf,” said Rosenberg. “Entrepreneurs in Frankfurt and the region can also connect to our network of more than 3,700 educational institutions in 117 countries and over 130 SAP Next-Gen Lab locations, as well as partner and SAP locations, SAP Next-Gen Chapter locations, and more than 23 innovation communities available through our global partnership with Startup Guide. We also offer a growing global network of FQ Lounges on campuses in a partnership with The Female Quotient as well as accelerators, tech community partners, venture firms, futurists, and purpose-driven institutions.”

Last month, from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, SAP Next-Gen launched new public-private partnerships for the 17 UN SDGs, announced both a citizens agenda for the SDGs and a new equality agenda, showcased an impact investing agenda, and convened leaders from the public sector, industry, and academia to inspire global influencers to take action to make sustainable living the new normal in industries including fashion and food.

An important part of scaling the impact of these agendas is enabling corporates and governments to connect with, be inspired by, and seed in disruptive innovation from purpose-driven startups and accelerators. As such, following the WEF meeting, SAP Next-Gen was proud to appear in Frankfurt with Startup Guide to unveil this newest edition of its guidebooks for the leading cities for startups around the world.

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