Earlier this year at Davos, the SAP Next-Gen program announced the launch of a citizens agenda for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to mobilize citizens around the world for social good.

In early March, SAP Next-Gen worked to scale the impact of this agenda at events, which brought together leaders from industry, academia, startups, government, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working to give voice to citizens and their experiences to accelerate solutions to the SDGs.

Showcasing Female Citizen Heroes at the X4 Experience Management Summit

With SAP’s acquisition of Qualtrics, the SAP Next-Gen program aims to enable its global academic community of more than 3,700 educational institutions in 117 countries with resources to educate next-generation leaders for the experience economy. At the 2019 Qualtrics X4 Summit, SAP Next-Gen partnered with The Female Quotient to highlight how the FQ Lounge, the Home of Equality @ Campus program fosters young women with passion and purpose in their DNA. Offering a community in which they can collaborate and connect, the program sets a strong foundation for them to thrive in their future careers and create meaningful change in the workplace.

The Female Quotient shares a joint passion with SAP Next-Gen for a citizens agenda focused on the SDGs. “Leadership isn’t about age; it’s about action. We want to give young female leaders the confidence and tools they need to help advance the UN Global Goals. When we achieve equality, everyone wins,” said Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient.

A Call to Action at SXSW to Actively Engage Citizens in SDG Movements

SAP Next-Gen also advanced its citizens agenda at South by Southwest (SXSW) through various activations that empowered citizens to make intentional efforts for creating a more sustainable future. These activations provided a platform to engage citizens through the four principles outlined in the agenda, which include listening to citizens, involving them in initiatives, scaling impact, and sharing stories of sustainable living.

  • Human-Centered Tech and Design Shaping Society featured Ann Rosenberg, senior vice president and global head of SAP Next-Gen. Rosenberg and other panelists addressed the urgency for a new global leadership in tech and the need for a “humans first” approach to the development of business and society.
  • A Citizens Agenda – International Women’s Day Edition invited female leaders involved in citizen activation and community building to help define the new citizens agenda aimed at accelerating progress towards the SDGs. More events in the series will occur throughout the year to inspire leaders globally to commit to the citizens agenda as SAP Next-Gen scales this movement.
  • The Sustainable Fashion Agenda Breakfast discussed the role of complimentary industries in promoting sustainable business models in the fashion industry. The speakers noted specific priorities required to accelerate progress towards the SDGs. The huge amount of waste in the fashion industry requires that all citizens play an active role in a systematic overhaul of the current system.
  • Dine with Purpose – Breakfast Edition sought to drive a global movement to scale the farm-to-table concept and foster public-private partnerships. The breakfast promoted thought leadership conversations around sustainable food systems and the rising demand to eat locally-grown food. It also highlighted the role of digital technologies, such as biometrics, blockchain, cash-based transfers and e-vouchers, drones and satellite imagery, and mobile phone data collection, in scaling impact for the farm-to-table integrated supply chain.
  • SciFi SXSW Wrap-Up Party, inspired by Rosenberg’s book, Science Fiction: A Starship for Enterprise Innovation, encouraged attendees to participate in a next-generation innovation methodology with the potential to unlock disruptive new solutions to the SDGs. Science fiction thinking provides an accessible way for all citizens to engage in innovation with purpose.

“I invite corporates, startups, academia, purpose driven institutions, and governments to partner with SAP in programs that actively engage citizens in SDG movements and share stories about how citizens are mobilizing around the world for social good and sustainability,” said Rosenberg.

SAP Next-Gen is activating the citizens agenda for the SDGs through partnerships and activities at upcoming events, including SAP NOW, Hannover Messe, and the World Resources Institute Courage to Lead event.