In a world of unrelenting change, smart leaders recognize that change is coming. More than ever, they want to be prepared for an unpredictable future. But, businesses need help directing their attention to tomorrow’s tomorrow and creating a future-ready organization.

SAP is now working with Zukunftsagenten, a software innovation and organizational development consulting company based in Germany, to do just that. With the Workforce Evolution Designer cloud solution from Zukunftsagenten, companies can develop a clear image of their future business, analyze the gaps, and develop a plan for getting there. By taking a proactive approach, leaders can now work to make sure the future doesn’t catch them by surprise.

Proactively Creating Your Company’s Future

With the Workforce Evolution solution available in the SAP App Center, you start by choosing the megatrends that will have the biggest impact on your business. The solution then builds a number of hypothetical scenarios for how these megatrends will impact your specific industry and sector. Based on these scenarios, you define a future vision for your business. You picture what your business could look like years from now, exploring the tasks people will need to do and the roles that need to be established to achieve that future. The solution helps your organization sort those tasks and roles into “work clusters” so you can decide what to prioritize. Here, machine learning helps by giving recommendations for roles and skills your business will need in the future. Now, you explore the status quo. What roles, jobs, and tasks are people doing today and why? What gaps are there? The solution then helps you reverse-engineer your future by making recommendations on how close the gaps. You involve your workforce all along the way in exploring, understanding, and designing your workforce evolution, essentially creating an ever-evolving enterprise.

Every Business Transformation is a People Transformation

Technology won’t transform your business – your people will. Technology is a powerful enabler of business transformation, but your people are the drivers. That’s why SAP is working with Zukunftsagenten. We understand that ‘making future work’ means putting people at the center of your business transformation, using technology to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Today’s human resources (HR) software is a powerful tool for administrating a workforce and maximizing people performance through extrinsic motivators, such as salary, benefits, and career advancement. But does it create workplaces where people passionately contribute, delight customers, solve big problems, and innovate to drive your future business? Businesses today need to sense and respond to employees’ intrinsic needs. That’s what it takes to attract, retain, and enable people to create extraordinary results. Our software solutions work to create workplaces that enable people to contribute in ways that satisfy their intrinsic need for purpose and well-being. We understand that a radical paradigm shift in business is necessary to get there, and we have the software development expertise to make it happen.

SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life is the first in a series of solutions designed to create this essential human revolution in business. Employers are increasingly investing in health and well-being. But they have primarily targeted specific aspects of employee health or made programs available through a benefits portfolio. Existing approaches are usually standalone tools to help individuals improve their well-being. What they do not change is the culture, practices, job conditions, or team norms that cause well-being challenges. We have a unique opportunity to change workplace cultures by providing a fully integrated well-being platform that offers employees well-being coaching and helps organizations proactively cultivate a culture that fosters well-being. We aim to be the first global technology provider to enable a culture of well-being for both customers and our employees, using our unrivaled global reach to create high-performing organizations and healthier, more engaging workplaces. Our vision is to create workplaces where people thrive, not merely survive.

SAP and Zukunftsagenten: Together, we make future work.

To learn more, watch the videos on the Workforce Evolution Designer from Zukunftsagenten and SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life or access the Workforce Evolution Designer in the SAP App Center

Ann Weiss is communications director of Future of Work at SAP.