The New SAP MaxAttention: Redefining the Business that Technology Built

If you ever watch a house being built, you will find that it goes through a series of standardized steps. Site preparation, foundation construction, framing, window and door installation, roofing, siding, insulation, drywall and trim, painting, electrical, plumbing, and flooring – this is just a small glimpse into the work involved.

Over time, as a family expands and evolves, that “finished” house changes as, for example, new rooms are added, existing living areas are combined, or new utility and digital systems are integrated to make life easier and more comfortable.

The same is true for today’s companies. Some start as a business case, built from the ground up with technology and continue to advance. Meanwhile, others not created initially through technology are using digital innovations to create differentiating business models, strengthen operational performance, and move beyond what’s possible today.

But no matter what, at the core of a successful digital transformation is a set of standardized practices that engineer evolutionary modifications and connect them to expected outcomes. For our customers, that approach is found in the New SAP MaxAttention program, which provides a clear strategy for moving step-by-step toward fulfilling their digital vision.

New SAP MaxAttention: Blueprint for the Intelligent Enterprise

With the New SAP MaxAttention program, you have the guidance, advisory, support, and expertise needed to acquire the intelligent processes, analytics, and user experiences to stay competitive with agility, flexibility, and speed. The program provides a premium service and support experience through a holistic engagement model, a comprehensive service portfolio covering all SAP solutions and deployment models, and a full set of services that adapt efficiently to your business needs and drive the right business outcomes for your company – covering the entire path towards becoming an intelligent enterprise.

SAP MaxAttention helps you navigate 10 focus topics:

  1. Innovation services: Innovation efforts can be accelerated with less risk by taking advantage of strategic and tailored support and expertise that meets you where you are in your innovation maturity – from blending emerging technologies with established applications and processes to innovating wholly new on the edge to innovating at scale.
  2. Co-/Design: The industry-driven service offerings provide an approach to design and implementation based on value delivery and next practices across the entire engagement lifecycle for customers transitioning into an intelligent enterprise.
  3. Architecture planning: Holistic strategic guidance helps determine a specific, future-proof architecture and multiyear road map driven by the your business and IT strategy and in alignment with the SAP product vision.
  4. Implementation support: A systematic approach that accelerates the implementation and simplifies the transformation of SAP solutions – both in the cloud and on-premise – to deliver resilient, sustainable, and flexible solutions quickly and with less risk.
  5. Analytics and data management: Unlocking the value of data and driving new analytics within the your organization helps accelerate data and insights and guides next-generation edge scenarios in areas such as machine learning, predictive analytics, cloud environments, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  6. Cybersecurity and compliance: Demonstrating which data and system protection topics are crucial helps you find more cost-effective ways to meet compliance requirements and close security gaps quickly.
  7. Platform-as-a-Service and DevOps: A set of tools, knowledge, best practices, and expert guidance for creating an enterprise cloud architecture that connects people, processes, system data, and analytics.
  8. Safeguarding: Services and best-practice expertise help mitigate risks while helping to ensure technical and functional integrity, optimal technical performance, and hybrid operational readiness.
  9. End-to-end hybrid operations: Creation of a defined road map addresses critical areas of solution operations across various deployment options, including hybrid scenarios.
  10. Accelerated support: From personalized incident management to special-purpose elements, the goal is to generate or deliver additional support value.

Explore 10 Focus Topics of the Intelligent Enterprise

Over the next few weeks, we’ll offer a real-world view of these focus topics that can help your business acquire the foundation and capabilities of an intelligent enterprise. Bookmark the series landing page and check it each week. In the meantime, read our overview of the New SAP MaxAttention program, “Customer Success for the Intelligent Enterprise,” to discover the opportunities ahead for your business. And for more information, reach out via email at

Christian Leja is director of SAP MaxAttention Solution Marketing. Follow him on LinkedIn.