In the Design to Operate Showcase at Hannover Messe next week, SAP will have customers — such as Kaeser Kompressoren and NETZSCH — on hand speaking about how they are creating predictive enterprises through the power of digital supply chains.

One way they are doing this is through SAP Asset Intelligence Network, which is now available to access digitally on SAP.com and SAP Store.

My team and I are proud to support the SAP Digital Supply Chain organization as well as the SAP Asset Intelligence Network team, helping them meet the needs of the network. As they gear up for Hannover Messe, I would like to congratulate Hala Zeine, president of SAP Digital Supply Chain, for all she and her team have accomplished!

For those who haven’t interacted with SAP Asset Intelligence Network before, it is a single, cloud-based business network hosted by SAP Digital Supply Chain that connects manufacturers, asset owners, operators, regulators, suppliers, and service providers to enable collaborative asset management. Equipment information is collected and tracked in a central repository so that operators can access up-to-date maintenance strategies and manuals from manufacturers and/or suppliers, while the latter automatically receive asset usage and failure data. It also enables a connection with other SAP solutions — such as SAP Product Lifecycle Management, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service — for streamlined data exchange across enterprise and plant systems. This is all done within a consumer-grade user experience and journey.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network Simplifies Processes for Better Outcomes

In the October 2018 FutureScape: Worldwide Supply Chain 2019 Predictions, IDC predicted that “by 2020, half of the large manufacturers will have begun shifting their supply chain applications from enterprise-centric to network centric, driving productivity gains of two percentage points.” Addressing this prediction, SAP completed a successful digital launch of SAP Asset Intelligence Network, premium membership (for operators), in October of last year.

A paid membership model available on SAP.com and SAP Store, it enables all operators interested in self-service discovery and purchase to start doing so seamlessly and digitally, purchasing subscriptions from one to five years in duration. In a few simple clicks, operators can leverage self-service, end-to-end automated workflows. Post-purchase, they can automatically get relevant notifications confirming their order, as well as detailed instructions for getting access to their network membership.

Building off the momentum from the October launch of the premium membership of SAP Asset Intelligence Network, we recently completed the digital launch of the basic network membership (for invitees), available on SAP Store. Rounding off the core offering, this launch marked our ability to cover both sides of the network – premium and basic – making it the first complete digital network offering on SAP Store.

The basic membership lets invited members – suppliers – join the network and take advantage of its benefits, at no cost. Manufacturers and operators, or SAP directly, must issue an invitation to suppliers for them to join. This no-cost, invitation-only membership is exclusively available on SAP Store, where we’ve implemented a new zero-cost order-processing capability for network members.

How membership improves the customer journey:

  1. Manufacturer purchases SAP Asset Intelligence Network, premium membership, from SAP Store
  2. Manufacturer joins the network
  3. Manufacturer asks SAP to add three different operators
  4. SAP recognizes one operator is already on the network and automatically links them to the manufacturer
  5. SAP sends hyperlink to two other operators for the SAP Asset Intelligence Network, basic membership
  6. These two operators access the basic membership on SAP Store, where they sign up for the no-cost product and get connected to the network and manufacturer
  7. Manufacturer starts to release up-to-date maintenance strategies and manuals to operators while operators send asset usage and failure data to manufacturer

Continued Commitment to Deliver Improved Customer Experiences Digitally

Through SAP Asset Intelligence Network, customers can better understand the value of optimizing assets, by moving from reactive to predictive and prescriptive maintenance. The network enables digital transformation of asset management using machine learning and real-time data from IoT-enabled smart assets. This brings intelligence to your entire supply chain, letting you continuously improve processes, predict outcomes, collaborate across networks, and offer differentiated service – all while generating new revenue streams and developing new ways to compete in and disrupt your industry.

By making these business networks available digitally, we’re allowing manufacturing customers to create an intelligent enterprise with advanced logistics collaboration and insights. What’s more, as we continue to roll out new digital capabilities and offerings via SAP Asset Intelligence Network, we remain committed to delivering better experiences and digitally empowering our customers.

To learn more, see “SAP Intelligent Asset Management – 1902 Release Available Now.”

Bertram Schulte is chief digital officer of SAP.