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ERP in the Cloud, Live in 32 Hours

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the cloud is the method of choice for many small and midsize companies. Case in point: Digitalization and integration consulting specialist dinext. recently implemented SAP Business ByDesign in only 32 hours.

“We want to grow,” explains Andreas Eissmann, co-director of in Switzerland, one of three companies currently in the dinext. Group, alongside dinext. GmbH in Germany and dinext. Holding.

For Eissmann, it’s clear that growth will increase complexity within the organization, which is precisely why the company opted for an ERP solution in the cloud to integrate and streamline all processes across the enterprise.

“We’re taking early, proactive measures to eliminate redundant processes that cost a lot of time and money,” he reports. Admittedly, the digitalization expert has a certain advantage over other companies. Though cloud ERP solutions such as SAP Business ByDesign are extremely easy to implement, dinext. pulled it off in just four working days, a mere 32 hours.

Learning from ERP Experience

Eissmann chronicled every stage of his company’s ERP implementation in blogs and videos, enabling readers and viewers to follow what was done when and discover what may be relevant and not so relevant for their own potential go-lives.

It is immediately evident that with business management knowledge and insight into your own company, you can roll out ERP solutions from the cloud very quickly and easily, with minimal resources and at low cost. The cloud is often the best choice when it comes to integrating new software effortlessly and keeping related costs in check, even over the long term.

Now, dinext. can look forward to great things from SAP Business ByDesign. Seamless integration of all business processes, for example, means smoother workflows, leading to faster invoicing, settlement, and, ultimately, improved liquidity. In addition, the ERP system enhances transparency, making business easier to run. Finally, SAP Business ByDesign provides country-specific dunning strategies as best practices, plus many other standards that are sure to help the dinext. Group grow and flourish — of that Eissmann is convinced.

This story originally appeared on the German SAP News Center.