In today’s dynamic markets, innovation continues to be a top business priority as well as a vehicle for growth that is being shaped in a variety of ways. From innovation labs to venture studios, corporate entrepreneurship programs, and incubators, the options are varied and wide.

While there’s no single or right way to innovate, most companies have yet to unlock the secret of consistently taking an innovation from an initial idea to an implementation that delivers impact at scale. Research from McKinsey & Company reveals that only six percent of executives are satisfied with the performance of their innovation efforts. Moreover, PwC shows that 54 percent of innovating organizations have challenges connecting innovation strategy to the broader business strategy.

Together, these findings mark a troubling trend: Innovation investments that don’t perform are largely dislocated from the corporate strategy they mean to help catalyze.

Unlock Intelligent Innovation with Context and an Open Mind at SAPPHIRE NOW

In 2019, SAPPHIRE NOW is set to help attendees break free from this dark cloud of lackluster innovation success. Our dedicated Innovation Expert Center at the Platform and Intelligent Technologies Pavilion on the conference floor is designed to uncover the truth of what can be achieved and how to help drive ideas and deliver value at scale with the latest methodologies, technologies, and best practices.

If you’re planning to attend, be sure to visit our expert center, where there is plenty of room to explore topics that could inspire new ideas and help propel them toward substantial outcomes and growth. The following sessions will help you attack the challenge of driving value at scale from your innovation efforts.

Create Business Value with Intelligent Technologies (Session #88400): The latest breed of intelligent technologies has caused a seismic shift in how business value is created, measured, and delivered. Join the Best-Run Businesses keynote by Maggie Buggie, global head of Innovation Services and Solutions at SAP, and special guest Andrei Semenov, senior manager at CONA (Coke One North America) Services, to learn more about the impact of innovation when it comes to achieving desired outcomes – regardless of a company’s size, focus, or industry.

Pressure Test Your Innovation Ideas (Session #86060): Intelligent technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, digital assistants, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT), are quickly fueling new business value. This working session offers the opportunity to rethink innovative ideas and learn best practices for pressure-testing them by using a novel innovation modeling game. Hear how to apply pragmatic, practical tools that uncover potential challenges earlier and help ensure that an idea progresses to a scaled deployment.

Change Your Customer Experience and Business Operation with Conversational AI (Session #86315): The buzz around chatbots and conversational AI is gaining momentum. But can it live up to the hype? We can help answer this question and many more by showing how to enhance customer experience and operational effectiveness with these technologies.

Lower Cost and Heighten Agility with Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (Session #86094): Gain deep insights from customer examples on how to apply intelligent robotic process automation (IRPA) in order to achieve new levels of efficiency, reliability, scalability, and control. Learn best practices for getting started with IRPA and using the technology to take your business to new heights.

Bolster Integrity and Accountability by Applying Machine Learning Ethics (Session #86098): AI presents a significant number of exciting opportunities, but the resulting outcomes can be unsettling too. This session walks through the ethics of AI and machine learning and the guiding principles behind building intelligent technologies.

Improve Your Innovation Game with Coaching Insight from the NHL (Session #90947): The debate of gut instinct versus data-driven insights is an ongoing conversation in most boardrooms. However, the National Hockey League (NHL) has settled it by combining the best of both worlds to make smarter, faster game-changing decisions with real-time data and transferring these insights to resolve specific challenges. Test out your “coaching skills” in our virtual reality showcase to examine the simplicity of the SAP-NHL Coaching Insights mobile app and the experience that makes it actionable without causing distractions.

Visit the Innovation Expert Center at SAPPHIRE NOW

Next month at SAPPHIRE NOW, visit the Innovation Expert Center at SAPPHIRE NOW for an excellent opportunity to engage with your peers, learn from SAP experts, and gain insights that can set your business on a fast, low-risk, and transformational pathway to long-term business growth.

Register for SAPPHIRE NOW today and check out our recommended agendas for the insights you need to get underway.

Ben Gilchriest is head of Applied Business Innovation for SAP Innovation Services.