New trends are emerging. New entrants are disruptive. And brands once thought to be too big and popular to fail are losing market leadership. Every one of these changes is strongly influenced by digital capabilities, which are turning radical experiences into the norm. Any business that is prepared to embrace and build on this reality are the ones becoming powerful digital competitors.

There’s a lot at stake when investing in digital technology. However, businesses do not truly evolve into intelligent enterprises until they integrate new and existing technologies, monitor system performance continuously, and support users with end-to-end guidance across every deployment environment.

Outcome-Focused Support Brings an Intelligent Vision to Sustainable Reality

The fast pace of digital innovation is proving to be a formidable force for every business. Real-time analytics and data management are becoming so sophisticated that missing a significant shift or trend is a real and constant threat. Increasing adoption of connected, intelligent technologies is tightening connections among people, processes, and things. And now, voice recognition, chatbots, and virtual and augmented reality are turning new business models, processes, and services into immersive experiences.

Selecting the right technology is the first obvious step to create a competitive advantage. However, the key to enabling the longevity of expected outcomes is a single, unified, and consistent support experience. Whether working on-premise, in the cloud, through mobile devices, or with a hybrid of those landscapes, users need immediate access to guidance that is aligned with the steady evolution of business processes, digital capabilities, and market expectations.

Instead of concentrating on a single system, service, or IT environment, the SAP Enterprise Support offering allows businesses to focus on the end-to-end flow across the entire infrastructure and portfolio of digital assets and devices. With a single point of access, users are engaged in globally harmonized interactions that provide actionable insight and instruction without delay.

For companies, such as Impetus Infotech, such support can become a transformational moment. The growing professional services company accelerated its implementation of a cloud-based human resources (HR) suite by tackling project showstoppers promptly and appropriately with help from SAP experts. The business ultimately saved 300 days of effort while addressing integration topics comprehensively and avoiding last-minute delays.

“SAP Enterprise Support helped us fast-track our implementation, leverage solution capabilities to the fullest, and equip our team members to address user needs better,” says Impetus’s director Shailendra Kumar Jain.

Over the next few weeks, we will offer an in-depth, real-world view of the opportunities of running an intelligent enterprise and how SAP Enterprise Support can help your business realize them. Bookmark our series landing page and check it each week. In the meantime, read our brief, “Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Enterprise Support,” for an overview on the SAP Enterprise Support offering.

Jens Bernotat is global vice president of Support Portfolio for SAP Digital Business Services. Follow him on LinkedIn.