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LinkedIn Top Companies 2019: SAP Ranks First in Germany

SAP has been named Germany’s top company to work for in 2019 by LinkedIn, with flexibility being just one of the perks in SAP’s favor.

LinkedIn recently published its latest 25 Top Companies list, officially crowning SAP the most sought-after company in Germany. The results of the survey, now in its third year, were published on April 3.

SAP is tremendously pleased by the ranking. Cawa Younosi, director of Human Resources for Germany at SAP, responded to the good news by saying, “Thank you for this incredible award. I’d like to thank everyone whose avid use of LinkedIn helped make this possible and, of course, all those who look after LinkedIn at SAP.”

Employees Seek Flexibility

More than 25,000 people currently work for SAP in Germany. Younosi knows from experience that money is no longer the be-all and end-all when graduates choose their employer; flexibility is where it’s at these days.

“People don’t just work for money alone anymore,” he explains. “They want the company they work for to contribute to society and to a better world.” SAP is very well positioned to do that, he points out: “This top recognition is a testimony to our vision of helping the world run better and improving peoples’ lives.”

LinkedIn’s 25 Top Companies list is a ranking of companies that LinkedIn’s million-fold user base in Germany would like to work for most, based on data compiled from networking activities on the platform.

Each a huge magnet for applicants, the winning companies are leading the pack when it comes to digital transformation and working on trend topics and new technologies. According to Younosi, that makes all the difference to today’s job seekers: “We want to become the most flexible DAX company in Germany. We play a key role in the digitalization of our customers around the world, with a clear focus on the customer experience. Winning the top spot in LinkedIn’s Top Companies 2019 survey proves that we are on the right path and reinforces us in our strategy.”

His tips for applicants include: “Show us that you really burn for a subject, we literally want to see that spark in your eyes! You should enjoy learning something new every day and love working in an international environment. And you should be someone who’s eager to explore real career opportunities in a global company that nevertheless thinks in flat hierarchies and where everybody is on equal footing.”

LinkedIn Ranking Based on Four Pillars

To compile its list, the LinkedIn analyzes four pillars for each company: how much interest do LinkedIn members have in the company, how much do they engage with that company’s employees, how many inquiries about job opportunities does the company get, and how many of its employees stay there a year or longer. SAP’s own employee retention rate averages 16.5 years, among the highest!

The ranking focuses on companies with more than 500 employees, excluding LinkedIn and its parent company Microsoft. This latest list is based on data compiled between February 1, 2018, and January 31, 2019.

“LinkedIn has become extremely valuable to us,” Younosi continues. “We actively search through profiles and receive a lot of applications from there, too. We’ve also discovered that community posts can do wonders when it comes to reaching and attracting passive candidates. I honestly can’t imagine any recruiter having this kind of success without LinkedIn.”

SAP also ranked on the LinkedIn Top Companies lists in
China, Japan, Mexico, and the U.S. for 2019.

This story originally appeared on the German SAP News Center.