SAP and EVERFI Partner to Educate Students on STEM

SAP has partnered with EVERFI, Inc., the leader in social impact education technology solutions to bring science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs to life through interactive, digital learning experiences.

This program is targeted toward sixth through ninth grade classrooms across the U.S. and Canada, inspiring the next generation of professionals.

The SAP Digital Scholars program introduces and encourages students to pursue exciting careers in technical fields through gamified lessons. As part of the course experience, students learn about the importance of STEM education and careers that can be pursued in the industry.

Student activities in SAP Digital Scholars

“The pace and scale at which innovation is accelerating impacts students, employers, and communities everywhere,” said Alexandra van der Ploeg, global head of Corporate Social Responsibility, SAP SE. “It is our responsibility as global leaders in technology and innovation to ensure we address opportunities for digital inclusion. By partnering with trusted organizations like EVERFI, we connect the core competencies of different organizations, multiply the impact that we have with each other, and really drive effective growth in STEM education.”

Sports Analytics will serve as a vital module for SAP Digital Scholars, focusing on how data and technology are used to inform business decisions. The module will be presented to students using a digital sports arena theme that covers different aspects of team operations. In the module, students will compare, prioritize, and manipulate data sets, connecting these problem-solving skills to STEM careers that require analysis and data-driven decision making.

“STEM-based careers are expected to grow exponentially in the coming years and it is incredibly important to educate our future leaders with the skills they need to be successful,” said Jon Chapman, co-founder and president of Global Partnerships at EVERFI. “We are delighted to work with a recognized leader like SAP to bring this engaging, interactive program to life for so many students.”

Eighty percent of the nation’s fastest-growing careers require skills from STEM fields according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This digital program is designed to spark curiosity and introduce students to a wide variety of exciting options. When navigating the course, students reflect on activities they enjoy and receive feedback on how those interests can translate into new careers that power innovation.


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The SAP and EVERFI partnership is part of Learning for Life, a global initiative that demonstrates SAP’s commitment to building an inclusive, skilled workforce for today’s digital world. With an extensive portfolio and digital literacy programs, Learning for Life creates opportunities by helping ensure that everyone, regardless of age or background, has the relevant skills to thrive, innovate, and secure meaningful work. In 2018, SAP digital skills programs reached more than 2.8 million youth across 93 countries.

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