As a society, we are moving toward more visualization in our daily lives – be it through movies, video tutorials, or apps on smartphones.

“Show, don’t tell” is the strategy of choice in a lot of different fields, including education. How much information do you retain after reading a 10-page document compared to watching a five-minute video? Written pieces often overwhelm the reader with information. Seeing the actual process in a video helps reinforce what is being learned. Numerous learners have shared experiences and feedback, confirming this perception: Theory alone is not enough – it needs to be combined with practical knowledge.

Digital transformation has clearly steered education trends toward online learning, and SAP has followed suit. SAP Learning Hub offers social and collaborative learning. Within SAP Learning Rooms, learners have unlimited, 24/7 access to high-quality content and live sessions, forums to share experiences with other learners, and other tools to help successfully acquire new knowledge. SAP SuccessFactors HCM Academy Recruiting Management Learning Room offers many different live sessions about recruiting management cycle functionalities and delta sessions that focus on covering newly released functions. In 2018, it attracted roughly 1,600 attendees to more than 70 sessions, highlighting the trend toward digital learning.

Screen Sharing Helps Convey System Basics

Neha Tayal, a lead consultant at HCL Technologies Ltd., wanted to learn more about SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management; she just needed to identify what the most efficient way of doing so would be. Ultimately, she decided to join the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management HCM Academy Learning Room on SAP Learning Hub.

“I thought collaborating with peers and instructors would help me when facing configuration challenges or solving general issues,” she says. Tayal was mostly looking for support in navigating through the processes and wanted to get an idea of the system configuration. Since she had not accessed the solution before, she was unsure about how effective SAP Learning Room would be and whether she would need to do more than watch a live session. However, the contrary turned out to be true.

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“The demonstrations of the live system by the instructor, in particular, are really helpful for learners who have not yet had the chance to work with the solution,” she says. “It was great to get an overview of the setup and the most important tools. All the theoretical knowledge in the world cannot compete with experiencing a system or program first-hand – or in this case, second-hand.” Even though learners cannot experiment with the system on their own, they can watch how it is done live and steer the product demonstration a certain way by asking questions.

“The Best Part of the Training Was the Instructor’s Approach”

Though only virtual, personal contact with instructors provides learners with a variety of possibilities. Tayal was impressed with “the approach to clear doubts with no hesitation, even if different candidates ask the same question.”

Tayal is now building on what she has learned so far by trying different configurations in her test instance. If she runs into a problem, she checks SAP Learning Room to find out what experts and peers have suggested to resolve similar issues. By working together and sharing ideas, learners can collectively find solutions and, ultimately, learn by doing.

Are you looking to extend your skills? Or, do you have a problem with a system and are unsure how to solve it? Check out SAP Learning Rooms and SAP Learning Hub for a hands-on look at a system. Start benefiting from the experiences of other learners and sharing what you know today.