Marketers work in a highly dynamic environment, across a number of departments and agency partners. As a result, marketing teams often need to jump between different tools with different log ins for collaboration, project management, and campaign planning.

Coordinating deliverables and sharing information across teams to keep everyone aligned is often very time consuming. It also takes time away from focusing on more important revenue-generating initiatives.

With these pain points in mind, SAP is excited to introduce a new collaboration tool to make marketing campaigns and cross-team collaboration more efficient.

The integration of Ruum by SAP into the latest release of the SAP Marketing Cloud solution allows marketers to manage project-related work more effectively while spending less time on administrative tasks. Specifically, the integration enables marketers to:

  • Create a dedicated collaboration space per campaign, where internal team members can quickly onboard external partners to collaborate and share proposals and working documents
  • Set priorities, assign work items. and track status with one click
  • Provide automatic updates on project activities and prompt team members to complete tasks using embedded artificial intelligence capabilities

By streamlining messy workflows across and beyond the enterprise, marketers can overcome silos and improve the quality and timeliness of their campaigns.

To learn more, visit the Ruum by SAP website.

Nicholas Cumins is general manager of SAP Marketing Cloud for SAP Customer Experience.