Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to power advances in all areas of business: automating repetitive tasks, enabling higher-value insights, assisting users in their daily tasks.

To help customers like Juridica, Severstal, NHK Springs, and more than 3,500 others become intelligent enterprises, SAP is enabling them in four core areas:

Automate Performance with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

More than ever businesses are looking to increase efficiency by reducing repetitive manual activities. But current solutions available can be brittle and unreliable. With this in mind, SAP ventured out to find a better way to automate operations at scale.

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, generally available now, combines classic robotic process automation (RPA) with machine learning. Tightly integrated into SAP’s digital core, SAP Intelligent RPA enables customers to create “digital desktop robots” to automate their business processes and take intelligent decisions.

With SAP Intelligent RPA accelerated by Contextor, one of our financial services clients has been able to drastically simplify its customer onboarding within just six weeks. By deploying more than 200 bot instances, the company can onboard new customers in five instead of 25 minutes. Another client has dramatically improved customer experience in claims management. By deploying more than 5,000 attended bots, the company now achieves first call resolution rates of close to 100 percent.

If you are already on an SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement, you can get started with SAP Intelligent RPA right away.

Building Powerful Conversation Agents with SAP Conversational AI

Customer service champions grow more quickly and enjoy significant margin premiums. Next to Qualtrics, which measures customer service satisfaction, SAP Conversational AI and the SAP CoPilot digital assistant allow users to deliver concierge-level service to end consumers and users of enterprise applications.

Our powerful bot-building platform is currently used by 60,000 developers who have built more than 120,000 chatbots. Since last year, we have added staging environments to help ensure bots are always up, bot generation from SAP OData interfaces, FAQ and policy documents to get started more quickly, and enterprise-level analytics to support continuous improvement. We have added integrations into SAP S/4HANA and Microsoft teams. And we improved performance by up to 40 percent.

Juridica, a subsidiary of the European insurer Axa, provides legal protection insurance. With more than 34,000 litigations and 275,000 legal information requests served via phone, Juridica wanted to provide its customers a better way to access complex legal information.

A chatbot from SAP Conversational AI automatically replies to recurring legal questions on housing, providing valid and reliable legal information more quickly. Our solution radically improved customer experience, decreased response times, and immensely enhanced efficiency in handling routine inquiries. This leaves employees more time to deal with challenging cases where human expertise shines the most.

You can start building your own chatbot now free of charge. For taking it into production, SAP Conversational AI is also available via SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement.

From Data Management to AI with SAP Data Intelligence

If data is the new oil, it can be hard build your own drilling rigs, pipelines, refineries, and gas stations. Today, several point solutions for different aspects of the data management and AI lifecycle exist. But mixing and matching them can be a challenging experience.

We have created the SAP Data Intelligence service as the first enterprise solution with end-to-end coverage of the data management and AI life cycle. This next-generation offering aims to help customers and partners gain control of their data, models, and deployments. SAP Data Intelligence will consume data from all sources: SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Services, SAP Business Warehouse, third-party databases, and data lakes based on Hadoop and the major cloud platform providers. Users will be able to prepare their data and build processing pipelines graphically and quickly, as well as deep dive into data science with notebooks. For this, SAP Data Intelligence will support Python, Scikit, Tensorflow, R, and an open container architecture. Model deployment, monitoring, and integration into the intelligent suite will be a breeze.

SAP Data Intelligence combines SAP Data Hub with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation in one next generation cloud service. Part of this comprehensive solution is the newly launched service called hierarchy matching, a machine learning service that can easily be used by non-data scientists to help with maintaining masterdata via automated predictions.

“Creation of requests for new materials as a part of procurement processes is a significant effort for Severstal,” said Evgeny Eliseev, head of Master Data, Automatization of Procurement and Logistics Operations, Severstal-Infokom. “Smart and automated suggestions of material class and its characteristics significantly accelerates the process and reduces the effort for new material creation by around 20 percent. Using hierarchy matching provides the first step in enabling intelligent master data governance at Severstal.”

SAP Data Intelligence is currently in beta, and is planned for general availability by end of June 2019. Like SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, it will be available via SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement. Find out how SAP Data Intelligence can help your organization gain intelligent insights and improve existing products through our Webinar series.

Going End-to-End with Embedded Intelligence

With more than 3,500 customers live, embedded intelligence in SAP business applications is taking off. Whether processing invoices in SAP Concur solutions, serving learning recommendations in SAP SuccessFactors software, image-based purchasing and other intelligent procurement services in SAP S/4HANA, or intelligent service ticket processing in SAP C/4HANA — embedded intelligence is transforming all major business functions.

The SAP Intelligent Service Ticketing application helped NHK Springs focus on its customers. Japan-based NHK Springs is one of the world’s leading spring manufacturers. Facing high ticket loads, NHK were looking to improve IT service management processes with AI. By leveraging SAP Service Ticket Intelligence and SAP Conversational AI, the company managed to increase incident processing efficiency and service team productivity.

According to Takashi Suzuki, IT senior manager at NHK Spring Co.,Ltd., “We were delighted we could implement our chatbot and ticketing system based on SAP Conversational AI and SAP Service Ticket Intelligence in just two months.”

Ultimately, our intelligent solutions empower SAP customers to connect processes, make confident decisions, and continue business innovation, powering better business outcomes for everyone.

Our strategy and how we are bringing automation, conversation, and intelligence to our customers and partners will be presented this week at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference. More information is always available at https://sap.com/ml. We look forward to working with you on your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Markus Noga is senior vice president of Machine Learning at SAP.