SAPPHIRE NOW: Intelligent Industrial Machinery and Components Companies Enabled by the Cloud

The incredible pace of change for technology and digitalization is the new normal for industrial machinery and components companies. To stay ahead of the competition, companies must innovate continuously and accelerate the rate of transformation. In addition, customer expectations are rising, requiring personalized experiences through at scale, tailor-made solutions increasingly offered as a service.

Industrial machinery and components companies are looking for possibilities to use emerging technologies, such as machine learning, Big Data, analytics, blockchain, and digital assistance, to accelerate or transform existing business processes. By deploying these capabilities, companies can analyze data from different sources, recognize hidden patterns, simulate different resolution options to issues, evaluate new business opportunities, and react faster to market changes.

This technology sounds like it would give industrial machinery and components companies a competitive edge, help them meet customer expectations, and allow them to easily introduce new business models. However, one thing has changed. These companies want to consume intelligent processes as a holistic solution, preferably in the cloud, with pre-configured, industry leading, end-to-end processes and out-of-the-box integration.

Many manufacturers recognize this already. A Forrester study conducted on behalf of SAP found that “95 percent of discrete manufacturers believe moving end-to-end processes or business processes to industry cloud would have notable improvement on their ability to digitally transform their whole ecosystem.”

Although these companies need to introduce and scale innovations, they also need to keep their existing businesses running effectively. Therefore, they need strategies that will help them deploy a constant stream of innovations with fast time-to-value while reducing the risk of each project. These strategies will help them react faster to market dynamics and take advantage of process simplification and harmonization.

To help companies deploy and scale innovations and become intelligent enterprises, SAP teamed up with leading global industrial machinery and component companies and IBM to define the scope of an industry cloud. The objectives of the solution are to:

  • Accelerate implementations and reduce time-to-value
  • Lower the cost of implementation through reduced need for customization
  • Provide the ability to easily build the remaining high value customer specific requirements

An intelligent enterprise cloud for industrial machinery and components focuses on companies that have a configure-to-order operating model. It contains pre-configured, end-to-end business processes executed within multiple integrated SAP solutions. The delivered, pre-configured scenarios use machine learning algorithms in budgetary quotes, enable sales configuration in the quote processes through a digital sales channel, and provide transparency for the sales teams with real-time insights into sales commissions. It integrates order fulfillment and logistics processes, including project-based execution of installation and commissioning. Based on the concept behind SAP Model Company, each customer’s scope can be personalized. The solution provides utilities to define the scope and automate the initial configuration set-up and the tests for E2E processes. It is intended to be delivered and managed by IBM, with its years of experience and industry knowledge captured within the solution.

Interested in finding out more? Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW for a demo in the Digital Core Area @DI324 on Thursday May 8 at 1:30 p.m. and at the Cloud Lounge on Thursday May 8 at 12:30 p.m. And for more information on-site, visit the IM&C Topic Station and the IBM Booth.