I am delighted to share that today SAP announced a collaboration between Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT and the SAP Leonardo Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio regarding the general availability of cloud-to-cloud interoperability. What does this partnership mean for our customers?

When it comes to IoT, SAP is on a mission to create and support a strong ecosystem based on the principle of interoperability. Interoperability for IoT allows the exchange of information within and across organizational boundaries to optimize business outcomes, so businesses can take advantage of the benefits and capabilities unlocked because of IoT data. And SAP can help.

SAP offers the flexibility to choose what kind of connectivity, infrastructure, and device management solutions you want to use to bring your “thing” data to SAP Leonardo IoT.

SAP Leonardo IoT then takes your “thing” data — such as sensor data or telemetry data — and correlates it with business data to give you deeper, richer, data-driven context and insights to better assess what’s happening in the day-to-day operations of your business. In other words, with SAP Leonardo IoT, your IoT data becomes the fuel that turns your business into an intelligent enterprise, to achieve better business outcomes through IoT-enabled intelligent business processes.

Today’s announcement with AWS provides open integration for IoT interoperability, to enable end-to-end solutions. By offering customers a more wholistic approach and the choice to use AWS IoT Core as their preferred vendor for the connectivity and device management layer for their IoT data, SAP helps improve their agility and ability to achieve transformational value.

The collaboration with AWS also includes a partnership between the companies’ edge computing solutions. The SAP Leonardo IoT Edge essential business functions module enables SAP business transactions at the edge, such as creating a plant maintenance work order, purchase request, or field service management service call. Customers can use SAP Leonardo IoT Edge to process business transactions locally, closer to the source of data, as well as to reduce dependency on latency, bandwidth, and connectivity. Later this year, essential business functions  for SAP Edge Services, such as field service management, are planned to run in an AWS IoT Greengrass Group.

SAP’s partnership with AWS is about providing customers with more opportunities and alternative paths on their journey to become a best-run business. SAP is committed to a strong ecosystem for IoT and understands the value its partners can bring to joint customers.

We are laser-focused on partnering with the best IoT technology partners in the market to help companies exceed their own expectations and maintain a competitive edge as intelligent enterprises. Welcome, Amazon!

Elvira Wallis is senior vice president and global head of IoT at SAP.