Screening-as-a-Service with Brilliant Hire by SAP

Brilliant Hire by SAP offers skills-based job applicant screening assessed by a network of experts, providing faster and greater insights without bias. Learn more about the newest features of the Screening-as-a-Service solution.

Eighteen months ago, our SAP-created venture Brilliant Hire joined SAP.iO Venture Studio and set out with a vision to remove bias from the hiring process while saving recruiters time.

Last year at SAPPHIRE NOW, the beta version of Brilliant Hire by SAP was released to help teams implement blind hiring, reducing bias during candidate screening while increasing the quality of candidates within the hiring funnel.

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Ever since, our tool has been used to fill more than 100 positions in organizations throughout the U.S. and India. Brilliant Hire has been used to screen more than 3,000 candidates with an increasing number of candidates taking Brilliant Hire assessments every month.

Andrea Penny, technical recruiter at SAP North America, explained: “Working with hiring managers and the Brilliant Hire team, we were able to make intuitive changes to improve the process for both recruiters and managers, which has led to an improved candidate experience.”

This year at SAPPHIRE NOW, Brilliant Hire is launching new features to fully build out our vision to save recruiting teams time while removing unwanted bias from the process.

Brilliant Hire is launching Brilliant Experts, a complimentary service to Brilliant Hire that provides experts who evaluate candidates at any skill level and any discipline. With this service, recruiters simply send candidates the Brilliant Hire link and subsequently receive a full breakdown of a candidate’s skills from the expert.

The beta version of Brilliant Experts has been used at SAP by the Silicon Valley Next Talent program over the past few months. With the addition of Brilliant Experts, Brilliant Hire removed the burden of assessment evaluation and decreased the wait time of applying candidates by 50 percent.

“We went from a one to two weeks response time to just two days,” explains Caitie Sullivan, program manager, Silicon Valley Next Talent Program, SAP. “This resulted in over 400 candidates screened and only 100 qualifying ones to be interviewed — all without burdening recruiters or managers.”

Brilliant Hire is launching Intelligent Question Recommendations. After evaluating thousands of candidates, Brilliant Hire has learned which questions make screening assessment most effective. Today, our platform leverages these learnings to recommend the best questions from a pool of more than 3,000 questions for many types of roles. Brilliant Hire uses information such as the job title, job description, and historical data to identify the most effective questions for each job.

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Brilliant Hire has added new features to increase trust and transparency, including:

  • A radically improved system to detect when candidates cheat
  • A new analytics page for recruiters to help visualize the screening process and quickly identify when changes are needed
  • Code compiling to provide analysis to recruiters on candidates coding abilities

These new features all aim to build trust with recruiters and increase transparency into the Brilliant Hire process.

We can’t wait for you to try it, and we know you’ll love it. All features are planned to be available in production on May 20 and will be provided at no extra cost for existing users.

Meet Ryan Phillips at SAPPHIRE NOW and hear more about the new features. Visit #PE417 in the People Engagement neighborhood and attend a demo or interactive session: Learn Practice tips to help you build a more diverse team (40-minute Interactive Session), Bring Diversity to your hiring process (20-minute Demo Session).

Ryan Phillips is general manager of Brilliant Hire by SAP.