Stepping Into a Seamless Support Future

As our interactions become more digital, we need our online interactions to become nearly effortless. From online shopping to connecting with friends and family to watching movies, we expect the online experience to be simple, fast, and seamless. We hope companies will know who we are—at least when we want them to know—and we expect them to offer specific products and solutions for our needs.

This is also true for SAP customers. The support experience will become personalized to who they are, what SAP products they have, and what questions they’ve already asked. In fact, SAP is investing in both the technology and the human aspect of the support experience so customers experience this simple and fast service as well.

The Next-Generation Support concept is driving toward a concrete, personalized support experience roadmap that will help make customer support as effortless as possible.

Leaping the Technology Platform Forward

A satisfying support experience begins with integration of SAP’s powerful knowledge management engine equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, empowering customers with a unique support experience. A central part of the machine learning–empowered support process, incident solution matching, suggests solutions automatically within the incident creation form, so customers can find relevant SAP Notes and SAP Knowledge Base Articles quickly and effortlessly without searching manually. This automates support processes, so customers can receive recommended solutions before they even finish typing in the search bar.

Additionally, SAP plans to launch a support service that will guide customers through describing their issues. Customers will be able to follow a simple set of steps to either match with the best possible solution or establish the perfect issue description, including the right log and trace files. They will even have the option through Expert Chat or Schedule an Expert to connect directly to a support-specific expert. This way, if the issue is new and needs a new solution, the customer will be set up with a support expert who will work towards resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Strengthening the Human Connection in Support

Technology is a powerful driver for issue resolution, but nothing can fully replace human connection. While SAP is investing in specific tools and technology, it is also continuing to invest in each of its support experts.

SAP has implemented intelligent swarming where its experts, no matter where they are in the world, band together to solve issues. Regardless of how many areas or products an issue may span, all appropriate experts will come together to solve the full issue in the least amount of time necessary while also upskilling individual support experts. Resources from development or cloud operations can also be brought in to expedite resolution.

Through the investment to leap forward with technology as well as strengthen the human connection, the customer support experience with SAP aims to feel both seamless and nearly effortless.

Want to Learn More?

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Andy Cobbold is head of Support for the Digital Platform at SAP.
This story originally appeared on LinkedIn.