Ask an Expert Peer is now an official and permanent channel of the Next-Generation Support approach.

The feature trial phase of Ask an Expert Peer has successfully completed. The first wave to roll out Ask an Expert Peer as a new channel starts on June 17 to all SAP SuccessFactors Solutions.* While we are focusing on a controlled roll out in waves, Ask an Expert Peer is temporarily disabled for the other products that were in the feature trial.

How Does the Channel Work?

Ask an Expert Peer lets you collaborate on your technical, product-related questions through one-on-one interactions with a qualified and approved expert outside of SAP. This way, you benefit from an industry-experienced perspective on your question. The channel is designed to deliver fast issue resolution for your basic inquiries and low- to medium-priority incidents. When you submit your question, a qualified and approved external expert works with you to resolve your issue. Ask an Expert Peer provides you with fast answers. Chatting with the expert peer provides you answers in real-time.

How Can I Access Ask an Expert Peer?

In the SAP Support Portal menu under My Support, find the Ask an Expert Peer landing page next to the live channels and traditional support service options. You can access the channel from the landing page.

Ask an Expert Peer is available for all SAP SuccessFactors solutions – at no additional cost. Try out this channel and submit your question today.

Learn more about Ask an Expert Peer via the landing page or FAQs.


*Limited availability: This channel is only available for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions.