A New Era of Experience

SAP has launched its first SAP Experience Center in Walldorf. With an official ribbon cutting ceremony on June 6, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE Christian Klein heralded a new era of experience, which will revolutionize SAP’s customer innovation journey.

“Our mission was to re-imagine the customer journey so that a consistent, seamless, and relevant experience is provided to all our customers across the world,” says Klein. “SAP now offers a dedicated space for customers and partners to see, feel, and engage with the new SAP while following their own journey of becoming intelligent enterprises. Seeing how our idea of this center has now become reality makes me very proud. Together with SAP, customers and partners can now innovate like never before.”

Worldwide, SAP Experience Centers (formerly SAP Leonardo Experience Centers) will offer physical innovation space and showcases relevant for innovation infused into the end-to-end SAP portfolio, lines of business, industries, and markets SAP serves. Following the end-to-end customer innovation journey “MEET – INSPIRE – ENGAGE,” customers can experience highly relevant business showcases and demos based on their businesses. The showroom can be tailored individually to each customer visit or focus topic within hours.

“The new experience center has been consciously designed so that visits are personalized and carefully managed from planning and being onsite through to the post-visit engagement,” explains Bjoern Ganzhorn, who leads the eXperience SAP team. “The personalization is possible through the flexibility in which the meeting facilities and showroom can be adapted to customer needs. This allows us to add new showcases at any time, as today’s world changes fast and so does the technology behind it.”

The SAP Experience Center in Walldorf is located in Building 49, a new, five-story building representing the company’s own transformation. At the ground floor, this center uses more than 120 square meters to demo more than 20 unique showcases, all focusing on technology innovation for the Intelligent Enterprise.

“At the SAP Experience Center in Walldorf, we put the customer’s experience at the core of what we’re doing,” says Heather Morrison, head of SAP Experience Center Walldorf. “Besides facilities for customers to meet with experts and partners, they can experience demos based on latest SAP technologies with the help of sensors and blockchain technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics. Finally, the engagement with SAP experts shall activate their paths from a reimagined vision to their new reality as an intelligent enterprise.”

“Walldorf is the starting point for our experience revolution. Behind the scenes, we combined over 40 years of knowledge and best practices of customer engagement and added latest insights from the experience economy to craft an industry-leading customer experience,” says Joachim von Goetz, global head of Experience Center Strategy. “This strategy is now being rolled out to centers globally along a transformational journey to truly curate for our customers the best possible experience across the latest and greatest of what SAP has to offer. Walldorf is the first flagship manifestation of this global strategy, with Tokyo, Japan opening its doors to customers as of July 29 and many more SAP locations to follow in Palo Alto, Newtown Square, New York, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and Johannesburg.”