The world is always changing. As a software company, our role is to envision the needs of our users. And in the past years, our users have been embracing a conversational world.

The domination of messaging applications over digital interactions has changed our way of interacting: We used to share, but now we chat. This new way of exchanging was quickly adopted by the masses. According to Business Insider, 67 percent of consumers worldwide used a conversational interface for customer support in the past year. And today, 67 percent of people expect to see or use conversational interfaces when talking to a business according to Business Impact. In a few years, chatbots in the enterprise will be commodified.

Employees are no exception. Deloitte explains that the use of instant messaging at work is currently growing by 62 percent. So, for a workforce to remain efficient, a business needs to provide conversational interfaces. Employees will be able to navigate tools easier, get access to precise information smoothly and in any language, and will ask chatbots to execute tasks on their behalf.

Not investing in chatbots to revolutionize employee experience will damage business through frustrated and unhappy employees, lower productivity, and a has-been image. The Bureau of National Affairs reports that $11 billion is lost annually because of employee turnover.

What Can Organizations Do?

To start, add conversational interfaces to the employee experience. Chatbots are great in providing a simple interface for human resources, IT helpdesk, procurement, travel, business tasks, and many other use cases. They can offer a simpler work life by helping navigation, FAQ, or task automation.

However, even in 2019, building powerful artificial intelligence (AI) assistants remains a struggle for many corporations. This is where SAP comes into play.

SAP Conversational AI provides tools to help automate the employee experience through chatbots. With its bot building platform, you can train the understanding of your bot, build its conversational flow, connect it to any channel and business application, monitor its use, and improve its performance. It is the ultimate end-to-end enterprise chatbot platform.

This bot building platform makes its own mark in the world of software through one unique advantage: SAP. It is an inherent part of the SAP ecosystem and therefore provides the highest level of integration into SAP, especially SAP CoPilot, a digital assistant.

SAP CoPilot, our conversational interface for the Intelligent Enterprise, allows any user of SAP products to interact with the Intelligent Enterprise through a unique channel. Whether it’s procurement, human resources, or a leave request, a user can get instant answers.

A business can also build its own chatbots using this platform, helping to better integrate with SAP CoPilot and provide an enhanced experience to employees.

Already more than 60,000 users have built more than 100,000 chatbots on our bot building platform, and more than 50 customers are already revolutionizing their business with us. If you want to learn more, visit our website. Discover the technology behind generating chatbots in minutes and integrating conversational interfaces into your own business. Get a glimpse of the power of the digital assistant, and so much more!