openSAP: Enabling Digital Transformation Across the Globe

We hear technology buzzwords all the time, but without understanding what the technology can do for your company, are you likely to invest? With the Digital Transformation Track on openSAP, you can learn about different aspects of new technology and understand how you can apply it to benefit from real business outcomes.

“I’ll have a bit of machine learning, IoT, and throw in some blockchain for good measure,” said no IT department ever.

The track consists of six openSAP courses on the topics of leadership, security management, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, machine learning, and the Intelligent Enterprise. Here, two learners from different parts of the world share what they learned from the track and how they’ll use the knowledge.

Ana Pinillos

Ana is a new product manager with Axento, an SAP SuccessFactors partner in Central America. As part of her role, she needs to understand how the world is changing, research new technologies, evaluate which global trends are valuable to adapt, and bring them to the region.

Ana learns with openSAP and completed the Digital Transformation Track over just a few weeks. Since her role involves understanding changes in technology and the capabilities of infrastructure and the intelligent suite to recommend use cases for customers, it’s important that she stays up-to-date with the latest technologies.

In addition to openSAP, Ana also learns on other online learning platforms such as edX. To stay ahead of the game, she sets aside one to two hours per week and challenges herself to learn new skills.

From the Digital Transformation Track, Ana finds machine learning a key topic now, as it’s customer-ready but also has an interest in blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Arun Sambandam

Arun works in product data management in a manufacturing company — an SAP customer in Bangalore, India — and was first introduced to SAP software in 2011. Arun’s interest in the Digital Transformation Track is both professional and personal. He sees a lot of opportunities within his company for IoT solutions. For example, predictive maintenance using IoT sensors can help predict when a machine will need maintenance, which helps to prevent major outages. In his personal life, Arun uses parking sensors to help him find a parking spot for his motorbike when he’s out and about.

Arun particularly enjoyed the sections of the Digital Transformation Track that included real-life examples .For him, these are the most valuable learning references. As part of the IoT module, Arun was inspired by an example featuring the city of Heidelberg, Germany, using smart sensors to manage its glass recycling processes, and sees it as a possible idea that could be adopted in India.

Arun is motivated to learn about new technologies. To complete the Digital Transformation Track, he spent 90 minutes learning each day to successfully earn his digital transformation certificate.

Here is some of the feedback from other learners in the course discussion forum:

  • “I really like this new concept of ‘track,’ multiple courses arranged in the learning track! Many thanks for your dedication and good will to share knowledge!”
  • “This will definitely help me as a starting point as a Digital Transformation Architect.”
  • “I loved the concept of this track which bundles many courses together. Appreciate and gratitude to the entire openSAP team.”
  • “Great courses, each and every one.”

At the end of the course, learners are invited to provide their feedback, with 99.6 percent sharing they think the skills taught in the Digital Transformation Track will help them in their future work.

If you’d like to join Ana, Arun, and thousands of others to keep up with new technologies and how they can be used in your business, sign up for the Digital Transformation Track on openSAP here. You’ll have the chance to earn a Record of Achievement in six courses related to digital transformation, which will contribute to your final Digital Transformation Certificate.