Tired of Spending Too Much Time Creating Incidents?

Try our improved incident management application. Providing the required information, you may either submit your issue to SAP or immediately jump to the best help offer of your choice – be it self-services offering or direct engagement with SAP support experts though our live support channels Expert Chat, Schedule an Expert, or Ask an Expert Peer.

Experience the benefits of the improved and simplified incident management application process and find answers much faster, more intuitively, and more effortlessly.

How Can I Benefit From the New Features?

  • New incident form layout allows you to log an incident in a linear way or jump into each of the elements to provide details
  • Enhanced system search and selection makes it easier to locate the impacted system or tenant
  • Application components are now displayed with a handy tool tip showing the context path description, and the easy-to-use collapsible tree structure helps navigate through the list of all components
  • Log file suggestion and analysis — during the incident creation process you will be prompted which log files to attach and which are most relevant to the selected application component. These log files can be analyzed immediately offering potential solutions to saving you from even creating an incident to SAP Support.

How Can I Access the Optimized Incident Management Application?

Visit SAP ONE Support Launchpad: Click “Report an Incident” to explore the new incident management application, detailing your issue while analyzing your input in real time and receiving potential solutions as you go.

For more details, visit SAP Community and read “Improved incident management application simplifies your incident creation process!,” and register for a live Webinar in October 16, 2019, here (registration is free).