Austin Startup Week 2019: SAP Grows Silicon Hills Footprint

Widely recognized as a beacon for startup innovation outside the walls of Silicon Valley, the hilly terrain of Austin, Texas, has become home to some of the country’s most innovative companies.

However, this status didn’t appear out of thin air. For years, Austin — otherwise known as Silicon Hills — has seen an increase in Texas-based venture capital activity and corporate investment fueled by the area’s impressive higher education system, unique culture, penchant for social purpose, and growth-enabling affordability.

Taken together, it becomes clear why Austin is regularly featured in rankings as a top-10 city for startups and innovation and, by extension, why SAP is committed to increasing its innovation footprint in the area.

For starters, SAP and Austin share similar values and interests around how innovation spurs social change, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability. It’s for this reason that SAP has increased its investment in programs that sit at the heart of Austin’s technology ecosystem, namely SXSW and most recently Austin Startup Week 2019.

Austin Startup Week, one of the largest technology, innovation, and business events in Austin, kicked off this week and is expected to draw more than 8,000 attendees. This year, SAP is serving as the title sponsor.

“Austin is a vibrant community for startup innovation in the U.S., filled with energetic leaders who are constantly finding new ways to leverage technology to solve the world’s toughest challenges and drive meaningful impact,” said Alicia Tillman, chief marketing officer of SAP. “In addition to our presence at SXSW, supporting Austin Startup Week 2019 is an exciting way for SAP to connect with these leaders and establish a larger presence in the city of Austin through 2020 and beyond.”

As the title sponsor, SAP is hosting panel sessions focused on sustainability and innovation, as well as networking meetups, happy hours, and workshops – all opportunities for local entrepreneurs, corporate incubator leads, and startups to connect and discuss how to partner for a better tomorrow.

To see the full list of SAP-hosted sessions, as well as to register, check out the official Austin Startup Week 2019 schedule. For those participating virtually, SAP’s sessions will be livestreamed via @SAPNorthAmerica.