We are now in the age of human experience management (HXM). As technology and demographics transform our workplaces, we have discovered that it is our humanity — at home and at work — that gives us the power to innovate.

And it is the quality of the experiences we provide for our people and our customers that will determine the success or failure of organizations.

It’s something we see every day throughout the 200 countries and territories where SAP SuccessFactors serves clients.

Like every sweeping change, the rise of HXM is made of individual stories. Behind every business that is delivering on the promise of transformation or creating world-famous products and experiences, there are people, armed with new tools and big ideas, working to make it all happen. These people can come from anywhere in a company, but the ones from human resources are closest to the heart of SAP SuccessFactors.

It is their stories that our new original series, HR Untold, brings to life. Future seasons of Untold will look at other functions and new categories of business, and we’re kicking off with HR, where experience has the biggest impact.

This series shares stories of those moments of skill and courage that we don’t often hear about.

By sheer numbers, the potential business impact of exceptional employee experiences is undeniable: 17 percent higher productivity, three-times the revenue per employee, 40 percent lower turnover.* But in making HR Untold we are looking past the numbers and investigating the individual stories that are the foundation for that kind of success.

You will hear from some of the world’s biggest brands and thinkers who have educated and inspired us — HR practitioners at the top of their field and leaders from companies like the NBA, The Body Shop, Rebecca Minkoff, and Tapestry.

I am truly excited to share what we’ve uncovered with you. If you have a story or an insight from the front lines of HXM, we’d love to hear from you. It can be your own story or somebody you think we should get in touch with.

Get your first glimpse of HR Untold here.

Kirsten Allegri Williams is chief marketing officer for SAP SuccessFactors.

*Gallup 2016 Study, 2018 Study